Not Playing The Witcher 3 For This Long Was A Mistake

Cultured Vultures: Last week, Ash confessed to having never played The Witcher 3. This week, he confesses that he's actually quite keen on it.

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bluefox75555d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I never beat it. It's just so damn big, so much to do, and so many places to go, and I tend to become an obsessive completionist with these types of games. I think about going back to it all the time. I want to play it on PC, but that would mean I would have to start over as I put my dozens of hours in on the PS4 version. Maybe starting over wouldn't be such a bad thing now that all this time has passed.

Lon3wolf55d ago

That happened on my first attempt, actually started again (ignoring my already dozens of hours on it) but this time only using side quests etc. as means of levelling for progression and actually finished the main story this time. Still did some "random" side quests though as the side quests were so fleshed out they are great to go through.

55d ago
nitus1054d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I found the best way to play The Witcher 3 is to play on the hardest mode (Death March) since that is the only way you can really appreciate finding (the Witcher schools quests) and/or getting your armor and weapons made. In addition, you are basically forced to learn how to use your potions and spells properly.

If you find "Death March" just too difficult you could try "Blood and Broken Bones" which is a lesser difficulty although I don't recommend reducing the difficulty further since you will most likely find that the game becomes very tedious to play.

The game does allow the player to reduce and increase the difficulty on the fly (like Skyrim and Oblivion) which is IMHO as sort of a cheat. Of course, since the game does not have an online component then the only person you are cheating if you are continually reducing the difficulty is yourself.

Hungryalpaca55d ago

Throw on some mods that drastically improve the game. HD textures, hair fix, more armours and weapons etc. The game is almost as modded as Skyrim.

iplay1up254d ago

Looks great on Xbox One X.

Fearmonkey55d ago

I know the feeling. I started on PC when it released but got sidetracked and didnt go back to it. I later bought it on PS4 when I got my PS4 Pro and it was on sale with all the DLC. I played all the way though it, then all the DLC, and all I can say is its a masterpiece and so worth anyones time. I never completed the first two Witcher games, couldnt get into them, but loved the third game so much. After finishing Witcher 3, I went and played Dragon Age: Inquistion and all its DLC as well. Witcher 3 was soooo much better and I love the DA series.


It's still my favorite game this gen! I have beat the main story and Hearts of stone, but I have not even dove into Blood and Wine yet and I have heard it is an Amazing DLC! Def gonna jump back into it on my X :)

shauzy54d ago

start over but with mods, i did that and the game feels kinda different

stefan_77154d ago

I didn't finish it either. It got too difficult for me. I don't think I was a high enough level to do the quest

combatcash54d ago

I literally just completed it today, after a few years of ownership lol. It kind of worked out that it took me so long, since I got to update it with the X.

nowitzki200454d ago

Mod it a bit before you start on PC.

Bahamut54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I felt the same way, and it took me numerous attempts to finally sit down and get through it. Finally got the platinum though! That Death March...

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SovereignSnaKe55d ago

I disagree, I just played it from end of February until the beginning of May, front to back, both expansions + the 4K update on the Xbox Scorpio. Totally worth the wait and nearly three months/166 hours of gameplay well spent. It's going down at one of the most incredible games I have ever played. Even when I wasn't playing it I was thinking about it and even dreaming about it. ^_^

Brave_Losers_Unite54d ago

I beat it, but it was just okay with me. I didn't like the story, the combat and fighting were but, but overall it was just okay

Bahamut54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


You didn't like the story? Hm, that's strange, the story's the best part. Also, The Witcher 3 has rightfully earned its spot as one of the truest pinnacles of gaming, one of the best games ever made. So maybe you just don't like games?

Brave_Losers_Unite54d ago

I love games, but the Witch 3 story was kind of bland to me. The only interesting part I would say was the King and the three witches other than that it was pretty meh. I guess I just like JRPGs much better

Cmv3855d ago

I really could not enjoy the combat I this game.

Cobra95155d ago

Quen, quen, quen, until you get the hang of it. Then you can get more creative.

b163o155d ago

Agreed, I got stuck at the beginning where you have to take the botchling(I'm sure I misspelled that) back to the castle and have to bury it, and those witches keep killing me, until I started using Quen. After that I really got the hang of the fighting aspect. I hope it opens up the game as it dis for me...


It's a pretty steep learning curve since every attack must carry through and wrong timing can cost you.

Scatpants55d ago

Once you get in to potions and sword oils and traps and magic ability combos it gets super fun and strategic. When people say the combat isn't good I always assume they didn't get deep enough in to it.

Mutant-Spud55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Play it on "Blood And Broken Bones" difficulty, otherwise it's too easy, the combat is a lot more fun on the higher difficulty settings.

FRUTZK54d ago

I agree, once you get the hang of the combat, play it on Death March. Amazing

Seraphim54d ago

I started on the highest difficulty. After a few days of getting no where I lowered it. And yeah, I definitely regretted not just sticking with it. Once you get rolling and unlocking stuff combat is a breeze. I hoped I'd go back but haven't yet. Was a dam good game though

Bahamut54d ago

It was rough when I was new and sucked at the game. Once I got better at the game, I liked it more. Maybe try that?

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InKnight7s55d ago

Every Ps4, Xbox and mid equipped Pc players need this in their lifes instead of silly Streamer Shooters games.

DrumBeat55d ago

Greatest RPG I've ever played.

bondsmx55d ago

Simple statement, but amazingly truthful.
I hate rpg’s. Always have.
Buttttt. The witcher 3 is absolutely one the best games ive ever played.

jznrpg54d ago

I love RPGs. Always have. And The Witcher 3 is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played.

Bahamut54d ago

Uh-oh bondsmx, that means you like RPGs now. Better go back and play all the ones you blindly passed up due to stubbornness.

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