IGN: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

IGN writes: "The following review touches on aspects from a fully completed game of Order of Ecclesia. Those not wanting details on additional modes or aspects of the game should continue on with caution, as certain aspects are talked about, or insinuated. The section on bonus modes/content will have a bolded warning within the article itself.

The Castlevania series has a lot to live up to on DS, and with Order of Ecclesia being the product of over three years of pocket dual screen, there's even more on the line than ever. With Dawn of Sorrow, players were witness to the first DS Castlevania offering, borrowing from the best in Aria of Sorrow and bringing the innovative soul system to Nintendo's new handheld with added touch elements, wireless connectivity ,and elements within the overall package that had players doubting whether Symphony of the Night was truly the grand-daddy of the franchise at all. With Portrait of Ruin, the franchise admittedly lost a bit of its footing, bringing in a two-character system with swap elements between Jonathan and Charlotte, but losing a bit of its direction while creeping outside the comfort zone of Dracula's castle, and instead diving into a more open design. Two years have passed since we've had a new offering from Iga and his team, but with the first showing of Order of Ecclesia we knew the man behind one of Konami's longest-lasting franchises was onto something. Castlevania was back, and with all the hype behind it being the third game in the series, the "Aria of Sorrow of DS", or the pocket game that would finally put the nail in the coffin on Symphony of the Night, Ecclesia has big shoes to fill."

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