Has Sony Screwed LittleBigPlanet?

This gameplayer examines the lack of faith that Sony have shown in their biggest game in a long time, with poor marketing and a range of other bad decisions seeing it launch with critical hype, but little else.

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n4gzz3708d ago

Sony just screwed your arse.

SlappingOysters3708d ago

There is a lot of truth to this article. Sony really should be doing more to show off how good this game is to people who don't actively hunt through games media to find out what is good... which is a huge chunk of this audience

Jamie Foxx3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

even the jonathan ross show was talking about the game it seems others are doing the marketing for sony!

LBP is on everyones lips at the moment good or bad controversy helps sales gta is proof of this

ReBurn3708d ago

Yeah, I think that the recent publicity is doing more for this game than more advertising would do. It's gotten a lot of exposure through non-traditional channels.

It's still going to be an overwhelming success. I don't think Sony or Media Molecule have anything to worry about.

SL1M DADDY3708d ago

Why don't so many others? This is a simple case of getting advertising and publicity for the game without having to pay for it. Sure they may actually be scrapping out a bunch of discs but in the end, the money they would have paid for this much advertising would have been ten times the amount they are spending on a bunch of dud copies. This game will sell like hot cakes next week.

And, can anybody confirm this, I got an email today saying that Best Buy had copies in stock at the the store and are releasing today. I live in North America.

anh_duong3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

sony has been promoting this game continuously since the last e3. i think their promotion budget is as big as any previous ps3 game. there are bundles, tv ads, headlines (the game was used to headlin e3 07. e3 08, gdc and tgs), roadshows, betas, press interviews. you will also find most of the tv ad campaigns only start when the game has been released.

the games promotion budget might not be on a par with halo but i think it is at least on a par with any other game out there.

furthermore, the muslim contraversy has worked wonders.. this is fantastic pr- you can't even buy this sort of publicity.

how many games make cnn, bbc news?

it's not like little big planet is promoting guns or violence - the problems with lbp will not deter parents from getting the game for their kids. and how many people are going to cancel a preorder because of a two week delay - they waited two years for the game i think another two weeks is not going to hurt.

another stupid article by a stupid journalist.

only downside is how it affects mm relations with sony - this is what the journalist should be investigating.

seriously i am so fed up with the stupid journalists in the gaming industry.

and the swearing is also very bottom draw for a journalist.

Megatron083708d ago

its on the news for being racist I dont think that is going to help the sells of the game much. The average joe and his mom never heard of the game before so all they know is what they see on the news. Kids asking for this game for x mas now are less likely to get it cause what parents have seen on the news

anh_duong3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

it's not on the news for being racists. it's on the news for having a song that contains words from the quaran. the song is by a popular singer and the song itself is sensitive to islam and muslims.

the patched disk no longer contains the song. what sony did has gained respect from muslim people - it shows sony is sensitive to muslim issues. there are no muslim boycott

so i have no idea where you got this lbp is racist idea from. do you really believe that parents will regard the game as racist because it USED to contain a song that had words from the quaran?? almost every parent will think it is a storm in a teacup.

robep33707d ago

Its been on most news networks and in most newspapers around the world
because of the delay and Qur'an problem so plenty of freen advertising!


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jaffa_cake3708d ago

I think so... no prime time adds, just going by word of mouth but word of mouth is fine if you got 4 to 5 months, but the run up to xmas is here where are the cute little ads runnin on my tv no where.
seen so many xbox ads but nothing at all for the ps3.
Shame cause i would love sony to put some money behind this game and make it a multi platinum seller!!

Keele3708d ago

Atleast now we know you're a sony fanboy.

ozps33708d ago

at least we know you are a product of a sister and her brother having $ex and out popped an retarted xb0t....

NickIni3708d ago

Where did he say anywhere that the PS3 was the superior console? He just said Sony should advertise it with adverts like MS have done. Seriously, if saying that to you is being a Sony Fanboy, you must be a Xbox Fangod.

Bon Scott3708d ago

Thought I'd just pop back in to let you all know real quick how things are going for the PS3 and LBP over at the Gamestop where I work.

Between our store and two others in the area(all Xbox supporters),
we've managed to tell countless unknowing parents how this game should be avoided because of all the bad things people are programing into the game(pensis's and what not),and that their little Johnny and/or Suzie
should not see such things.
HA,you would be suprised how many sales I have shifted from the POS3,
to the 360s and WIIs.

Little penis planet won't help the PS3 in our local Gamestops Sony tards,as long as I have anything to say about it.

Suck it N4g and your Sony butt boy cult following.

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Fishy Fingers3708d ago

Slightly dramatic article, even more dramatic headline. Not overly keen on the use of profanity either, you don't need it to get your point across.

SlappingOysters3708d ago

on opinions there. I think profanity as a tool for impact is quite powerful when used properly. And the impact in this case was just that.

I also like being talked to like an adult. I always think it is funny that you would support games getting R18+ classification and then whinge when someone uses a curse. Not you specifically but I see it a lot.

Music and film media are rife with profanity as they have been talking to a mature audience for a long time. Gaming is only now been asked to be taken seriously, and asking media or writers to rinse their articles of mature content doesn't seem like the right direction.

I understand your opinion guys and have no qualms about it, just thought i would through my 2 cents in as well.

robotnik3708d ago

agree, lets keep profanity in the open zone, the difference between the good article and the average article is the use of words, and profanity just make the writer looks like a childish chump.

cwir3708d ago

It is too dramatic, true, and we'd also get the point without the swearing. But he has a point nevertheless.

I love LBP, I spent 4 full days creating my level (and lost a lot of money not going to work that time btw :).. Can't wait to get the full version. But since I'm a proper gamer - I've had my console since launch, have dozens of games, I'm reading game news daily, watching trailers, going to game shows etc - I knew about LBP looong ago. And I know lots of people did.

But on a couple of occasions recently, I found that casual gamers or people who don't own a console, yet play at their friends' ones from time to time (potential console buyers imo), have no idea what LBP is. I've seen a few ads on TV (uk), I've seen some in the press - ok, online is full of LBP, but not really mainstream. And I must agree that it should be bigger. I know LBP will do good anyway cuz it's a marvelous game. But it could do a lot better with a massive campaign. I was recommending it to many people cuz I played the beta, and was surprised that some of them haven't heard about it before. And they should! Everyone should try it imo. Everyone knew GTA4 was coming, even people who don't play games..

So bottom line is, the article is too dramatic and the guy is overhyping it, but the idea came from a good point.

LethalToxins3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I agree that movies and whatnot have profanity, but when was the last time a journalist used it when writing about one? I don't recall seeing that very often if ever. Well, at least no respected journalist does. There's a fine line between a movie containing profanity and shooting for that 'mature' audience, than some hot headed reviewer/journalist saying, "That movie lost all [email protected] credibility..." It doesn't happen. I get your point, but your argument and logic perpetuating said argument are both flawed.

If it doesn't seem like the right direction for gaming, should we ask journalists of other subjects to start swearing so we can all feel like we're being talked to like adults?

And yes, I swear more than the average family of five; but when writing, it isn't needed. In fact, it often makes you look less intelligent. A good vocabulary goes a longer way than a tasteless use of explitives. Rhetoric ftw.

Black_Jack3708d ago

lethal knocked it on the head there.

profanity shows a journalist cant find any other other words to express a feeling other than that of slander, which is not a sign of a good journalist.

like lethal said you cannott compare adult language in films or music to that of an article for instance. the use of profanity in say music is aimed for dramatic affect and is to reflect the nature of the artist.

journalism is the intellectual insight of a writer on a topic and the dramatic impact intended is to a different context, not to spark emotions in the reader but to provoke insight. profanity is just not needed.

again profanity just portrays the writer as a childish person. just because the topic is a game doesn't mean we have to write about it with say a childish attitude or style although some people would disagree i'm sure.

Megatron083708d ago

I agree with fishy about not needing the swearing however it does let you know that this is not a real journalist

TheDude2dot03708d ago

I don't even think the majority of people who will buy this game will even find out this was recalled in the first place.

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Ps3Fanboy7773708d ago

LBP is a great game end of story. Any gamers out there want to say they didnt know about it?

Its only been on commercials, little tiny billboards, a whole line of gear, every major gaming site, sonys press conference..

Oh my gosh it got delayed lets bash it and Sony because thats what we do....

SlappingOysters3708d ago

you sure made a big effort to misinterpret this story didn't you

LethalToxins3708d ago

I'm confused as to why you got disagrees, Slap, and why he got agrees...