PSP-3000 tops 140,000 in Japan -- Enterbrain

The release of the PSP-3000 unit appears to have given Sony's portable a major boost at retail., citing sales figures from its parent company Enterbrain, reports first week sales totals of 141,270 units for the PSP-3000 hardware following its release on the 16th.

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badz1493621d ago

that's a lot of PSPs!! those Japanese sure love the lite version of everything! in this case, a better PSP! PSP is really giving the DS the run for it's money in Japan this year. Good Job Sony!

Ps3Fanboy7773621d ago

Wow sorta racist. PSP SLIM is a great portable console who would not want one?

kevin11123621d ago

how is that racist, its like saying those americans if this was the usa.

LethalToxins3620d ago

Though it did come out a little racist, I don't think that was his intention. So let's not get the lynch squad out just yet, ok? Perhaps you should work on your wording a little next time?

deeznuts3620d ago

Saying those Japanese in response to an article about sales in japan, is racist?

This PC movement needs to go man, it's getting ridiculous. Not like he said, those JAPS, or any other racial slur.

ThanatosDMC3620d ago

I'm offended! I want you to recall your message!

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xaviertooth3621d ago




... developer's rush... coming... it's coming!!!! IT'S COMINGGGGG!!!!

sinncross3621d ago

Damn well is!

That's more units then total hardware sales in Japan last week for al consoles.

And only 1 title was launched with the new PSP-3000. I wonder if Sony can keep this momentum going, and with the help of LBP get the PS3 going as well.

pwnsause3621d ago

i need to get one to replace my Phat PSP.

ThanatosDMC3620d ago

Let's wait a month or so... apparently there's rumors about faulty screen tearing or whatever. I doubt it but better safe than sorry.

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The story is too old to be commented.