Nintendo has no DSi-exclusive games in the pipeline

A new hardware launch without a new Mario or Zelda game? Nintendo, you've changed...

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Imallvol73619d ago

hmm . . . point of DSi then?

TruthbeTold3619d ago

eventually the dual cameras, and expanded storage capacity might yield some interesting games. But for the most part, the purpose of the DSi is to create a new price point for the handheld and rake in more profit for Nintendo.

badz1493619d ago

that even with no mario, DSi will sell! Ninty is going the way of...I don't know...should I say arrogance? being too big headed lately with their casual market success!

Zyklon-Breath3619d ago

It's not like the DSi is a it's no surprise.

name3619d ago

I wouldn't expect to see any psp slim exclusives either

Fernando Rocker3619d ago


A lot of people still think that the DSi is a new system, when in fact, is just a new revision:

PSP-1000, PSP-2000 and now PSP-3000

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi.

This is not a DS 2.0

pp3619d ago

I want bother with PSP and Nintendo DSi i'll hold for the more advance future proof xbox handheld when ever it comes out.

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