8 Disney Licenses That Just Wouldn't Work in Kingdom Hearts III

Twinfinite Writes: Kingdom Hearts has always been a combination of Final Fantasy and Disney magic, but there are a few Disney properties that should probably stay far away from the series.

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PhoenixUp55d ago

Imagine if there were a High School Musical based minigame though

DasTier53d ago

Cars would work fine in the kingdom hearts formula... also the first and third movies from that franchise are totally underrated.

PhantomS4253d ago

Mighty Ducks could probably be a fun mini-game but you could also use the Mighty Ducks cartoon which then would work beautifully. Country Bears could easily work as a side/optional world that doesn't have combat but just small story beats like the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 1.

thatguyhayat53d ago

I think cars would work. They would be in car forms. Like lion King worked really well with them.