3DJuegos: Far Cry 2 Review

A great evils great remedies. After losing the voracious distribution of video games from Crytek, Ubisoft has ensured the rights of the saga FarCry. The French company re-invents the saga of tropical action by entirely modifying it and fitting it in a new scene. The result is a formidable height of the original.

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AngryHippo3647d ago

....ok so a 9.4 is a bad score. Sorry my mistake, its a flop.

Variable3646d ago

IMPOSSIBLE for people to think that this aint a great review...

Just disagreed you :D

jaffa_cake3647d ago

ok what to get already have LBP pre order and resistance 2 but what to play along these great games? far cry looks amazing but fallout justthe 600 different endings and a dog, but is it better then far cry.
or just wait and get mirror edge or prince of perisa!!!
oh i hate being a gamer at xmas.

FailStation33647d ago

I think that translates into "3DBalls"

Arsenic133647d ago

Juebos is balls, Juegos is games. Oddly close...

FailStation33646d ago

who cares... they're both round, and roughly serve the same purpose...

reproduction....and "food"..... you get the idea.... *wink*

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Marcus Fenix3647d ago

this game is a day 1 purchase 4 me, happy gaming season everyone :)

theEnemy3646d ago

Me too.

Although I'm still bitter with that Pre-Order bonus mission BS.

AngryHippo3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago ) see more reviews for farcry 2, i hope it gets above a 9 average. Will be getting the game regardless.

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