No Fallout 5 For 10 Years? A Chat About The Future of Fallout

Will Fallout 76 and Bethesda’s other games impact when we see Fallout 5?

A video of a discussion from The Pause Resume Show that looks at the future of Fallout.

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PhoenixUp114d ago

Speaking of longrunning RPG franchises that begin with an F, I wonder if we’ll even get the next numbered Final Fantasy title in the next 10 years from the release of the last one

UltraNova114d ago

I can't see why would that be a problem? Let us miss those universes. Its time both Bethesda and Square to come up with a new Fallout and FF caliber IPs.

Bethesda is at it (it seems) with Starfield, whats Square up to?

NecrumOddBoy114d ago

Agree. 2 teams releasing a Fallout and ES every 2-3 years, which gives 1 game 4-6year development cycle. In not a fan of these MP centric games so this doesn't speak to me. Plus FO4 is the worst FO from Bethesda

chris235114d ago

i guess they are talking about a 10 year forced online multiplayer plan? rip, fallout. it was nice until part 3. from them on abysmal.

Cobra951114d ago

If Fallout 76 turns out to be Bethesda's GTA V, yeah, I'm done with Fallout (just like GTA since V went online).

wirapuru113d ago

I don't get it, GTA5 single player is far from being the worst of the series - there are people that hated the 3-characters thing, but story/map/activities-wise is pretty much on par (if not even bigger than some). You can completely ignore there is an online mode in the game. Do you really think the fact that it has online ruined the SP experience/final product?

gobluesamg113d ago

GTA online did cost us single player dlc. I also feel that it has led Rockstar to put other games and ideas on the back burner while they milk this cash cow. We used to see way more games from them.

King_Noctis114d ago

We just got Fallout 4, so I’d rather they focus on releasing a new ES game first before thinking about releasing another mainline Fallout.

CorndogBurglar114d ago

Fallout 4 released in November of 2015. 3 years ago. I would hardly say that we "just got it".

King_Noctis114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Well comparing to Skyrim, which was originally released in 2011, Fallout 4 is still very recent compared to it. Plus Falout 76 is also coming as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.