AusGamers Lego Batman Review

AusGamers writes:

"Imagine LEGO He-Man or LEGO Goonies. Could you ever fathom LEGO Jaws? Maybe LEGO Thundercats? LEGO Romancing The Stone? Hell, the list could potentially go on and on and on... LEGO Futurama, LEGO Buck Rogers, LEGO Iron Man, LEGO Star Trek, LEGO Team America, LEGO Willow, LEGO Howard The Duck, LEGO Robotech, LEGO 300, LEGO Pulp Fiction, LEGO Sin City... see, on and on and on (by the way, we're aware that list is pretty ridiculous, but that's the point).

Part of the clear cynicism from the above stems from the idea I think all the LEGO titles thus far have been handled incredibly well – each update and iteration better and more polished than the previous. But how long can you maintain this formula?"

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