Pocket Gamer: Talking with ngmoco's Neil Young Part 2 - 'We want to feel like first-party on iPhone'

Pocket Gamer writes: "Painting progressive games onto the canvas that is iPhone marks only one part of Neil Young's ambitious strategy for carving a role out for ngmoco. Shaping that very canvas is the other part. The CEO's forward-looking efforts to support a burgeoning iPhone gaming community and bring a score of social features highlights the conclusion of our interview.

Beyond MazeFinger, Topple, and the forthcoming Rolando, Young and his group at ngmoco have "over a dozen games in various stages of development." Young admits that he's banking on a new platform, intending to succeed in being among the first to shape its identity. iPhone has few notable names, whether it be developers or game titles, and ngmoco wants to be among those few. Getting there means churning out compelling games that feel native to the device – a point hammered hard by the visionary executive."

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