Metal Gear Solid V Update Version 1.17 Is Out Now, Patch Notes Inside

Metal Gear Solid V has received a brand new update today. It is currently available to download on all the major platforms. This update reportedly adds The new update for Metal Gear Solid V adds a new playable character in FOB online mode and implements some new features.

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franwex146d ago

I’m actually surprised it’s still being supported. That’s re-assuring.

TheEnigma313146d ago

Does the online still work? I actually enjoyed that.

C-H-E-F146d ago

i played online about 3 months ago... still had full rooms

TheEnigma313146d ago

I think I'm gonna give it shot. The online was awesome.

Lynx0207146d ago

Could anyone check if Quiet is playable in single player missions too or is it only for online? Thanks.

Lynx0207146d ago

Why downvoted? I was just asking question. There is an option to change character in single player missions so I am interested if there is an option to play as Quiet now or only as "Snake" or any generic character from the base.

galmi146d ago

nope she aint playable

hraac146d ago

Last time when I wanted to play the game there were around 10 people playing on Xbox One.

boing1146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

The update reportedly adds the new update. Got it.

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