TennoCon 2018: Shooting the Poop With Warframe's Rebecca Ford

Shacknews: "We had a chance to catch up with Warframe's community director and chat about what fans can expect from the game's next chapter. We also talk about poop."

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Fist4achin116d ago

Is she a First on Race Day or a Fix or Repair Daily?

OnlyThoseOnTheFence116d ago

That's nothin' Destiny has been full of shit for years.

DevilishSix116d ago

Warframe is such a great game. I have been playing off and on ever since it was available on PS4, which I think is about four years. I will binge on the game for a few months then leave for a few months then come back. The devs are always adding new stuff and you can acquire almost all the best items in game for free, sure it can be a huge grind to get it but it can be obtained for free. The thing is, once you get into Warframe and you see the amount of work that has been put in this game you want to support them by buying some gear or in game currency. It feels like your support is on your terms unlike some games cough Destiny 2 cough that make you feel like they always have their hands out and charge for every little thing.

Also, last thought the Warframe devs tend to under promise and over deliver. Destiny devs tend to over promise and under deliver. Its a big difference and you can feel it in the quantity of items, planets, gear, characters, and stuff to do.

Kokyu116d ago ShowReplies(2)