Xbox 360 Growth in Japan Has Topped All Platforms from March to September

The Xbox 360 has grown its unit sales more than 157% over the last seven months in the Land of the Rising Sun. The latest lifetime platform sales within...

While we've reported on the Xbox 360 continually outselling the PS3 in Japan in recent weeks, what we weren't aware of was just how much growth Microsoft's platform has experienced across the Pacific for a good chunk of 2008. According to the latest Famitsu Marketing data received by GameDaily BIZ, for the period of March to September, the Xbox 360 has actually enjoyed more unit sales growth year-over-year than any other platform.

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chaosatom3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

2) it's only 157%. ps3 has gone to 400% just in US.

3) Xbox 360: 748,992, PS3: 2,369,484, in Japan, So sony has nothing to worry.

4) PS2: 21,454,325. Yeah, no need to explain.

5) xbox should be outselling Wii by now, but it doesn't, no matter how cheap or how many games it has.

end of discussion.

GiantEnemyCrab3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

fragile ego needs stroking and ChaosAtom is here to provide it to you PS3 owners. Yes, how dare MS or it's fanbase celebrate! That is only reserved for PS3 nonesense.

For a console that was written off in Japan these small victories could be the start of some real momentum in Japan for the Xbox.

Why does good 360 news instantly mean bad news for PS3? We all know Sony is whooping the 360 in Japan and don't need your number break down to know that but if it makes you feel better..

calis3709d ago

Why do you even need to celebrate? Who cares how many other people have your console?

Are you interested in playing your games or petty, pathetic fanboy flame wars?

GiantEnemyCrab3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

More consoles sold in Japan more chance of developers supporting the platform and more chance of once exclusive games going to my system of choice. Which means more games for me to play. So in a round about way yes I do care.

ShinMaster3709d ago

You do realize those sales are mainly due to one game....Tales of Vesperia.

Besides, previous NPD numbers didn't include bundles, which means the PS3 as actually ahead of the 360 by a good hundred-thousand.

juuken3709d ago

Crab, celebrate when the 360 reaches a million in total for Japan.

Hell, I'll clap as well.

calis3709d ago

GiantEnemyCrab - The days of exclusives are done. Very few 3rd party game will be exclusive from now on.

I'm just so sick of fanboy wars. It's such a pathetic thing for a person to do.

mikeslemonade3709d ago

Chaos can read pass the spin. The truth is the 360 sales aren't sustainable.

robep33709d ago

LOL percentages can look good but 157% rise on a low number of sales
means nothing.
So lets say it sell 2000 one month then 4000 next thats a 100% increase but if rivals sell 6000 one month then 9000 the next thats only 50% increase but which set of figs would you rather be selling!!!!!! typical BS!!!!!!!!!


Snukadaman_3709d ago

Now will that be your thighs clapping or your hooves?

theEnemy3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )


The 360's sales in Japan before Tales or the price cut was so low.

So when Tales of Vasperia has been released and the price cut has been implemented, the sales got doubled thus having a %157+ increase in sales.

While the competition, especially the Wii, has been pretty consistent with it's sales, thus we don't see a huge increase in Percentage.

Anyway, have you guys seen how huge the increase in sales when MGS4 was released ? The pie chart has been almost covered with Red. Even though it's just for a few months of Huge Spike, it's still remarkable that a single game managed to do that.

Death3709d ago

NPD doesn't always include the software in a bundle. The console get's counted every time. Please use a little common sense and stop believing everything you read. Every year Microsoft releases a Holiday Bundle. Every year these consoles are counted. Wii Sports has been a bundle since the Wii launched. You think those are being counted? How about the Motor Storm Bundle? Counted, The MGS bundles definately counted since that month was one of the PS3's best.


Gam713708d ago

So the ps3 owners go into defence mode and ignore the fact that they have been celebrating 100%+ increase in ps3 sales last month and that they said the 360 would never outsell the ps3 in japan.

Instead spinning it to be negative.
It's an achievement I didn't think would happen and is impressive given what happened with the last xbox in japan as well as this one so far.
Crab was right about egos.

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thebudgetgamer3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

yay thats 500% increase yay

but serious those are good numbers

your right its the jrpgs that got em moving units and if they kepp bringing them japanese gamers will keep buying

GiantEnemyCrab3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

It's still worth mentioning when you are written off as dead in Japan.

cyclindk3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Uhhh...if you sold 1 then selling 5 would be a 500 percent increase, if they sold 1 and then sold 500 it would be like a 50,000 percent increase :) Stay in school kids:)

For da dummies:

IdleLeeSiuLung3709d ago

LOL... I was just thinking the same.

cyclindk3708d ago

Don't fret, video games warp our minds every day we play them...blame video games :)

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Zerodin3709d ago

They are getting in there and kicking a little ass! Kudos!

Jandre023709d ago

Thats kinda funny.

Aren't they back to selling under 8,000 a week?

ruibing3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You know if I had $1 and you gave me another, I can either tell other people you doubled my money or gave me one more dollar. Which story do you think this article would have told?

GiantEnemyCrab3709d ago

Still a long way to go in the land of the rising sun but they are doing better.

Nice to see since the 360 is a great platform.

shawnsl653709d ago

great for.. pirating games =X

you didn't hear chit from me

GWAVE3709d ago

Oh my. This is rich. Microsoft certainly loves their percentages. They love their attach rates, "total lifetime sales", and bull like that. It's very interesting because for EVERY SINGLE GENERATION before this one, the only thing that really mattered was the installed base. That's it. No one cared about attach rates or "total lifetime sales".

Yet, the media has so willingly swallowed Microsoft's PR nonsense. In reality, the 360 still has the worst sales in Japan. In 3 years, it hasn't even broken 1 million units, whereas the PS3 has sold nearly three times that amount (at a higher price point) in less time. Those are the facts. Less talk, more action, Microsoft.

GiantEnemyCrab3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You do know that this is not a statement from MS PR or anyone from MS right?

This is gamedailys assessment therefore your whole rant about MS PR this and that is fail.

Read comment #1 for some fragile ego relief.

@4: Hi Sackboy. I have to ration my comments otherwise I will be out of bubbles. aha

GWAVE3709d ago

I guess you're struggling to read, GiantEnemyCrab. I said that Microsoft's PR has poisoned gaming media. Better luck next time.

juuken3709d ago

Excuse Crab GWAVE. :<
He misread your comments.

Emmo3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )


MS do love their %, but maybe you should have saved your rant for a MS press release.

I don't think you can blame MS for other people using percentages.

This data was from Famitsu and GameDaily Biz

Snukadaman_3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I dont know why all three companys use percentages when hard numbers do quite well. Your also a moron if you belive any PR nonsense from either company.

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