Loot Ninja Review: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway PC Review

Loot Ninja writes: "Before I type anything, I must first say that I have never, before a week ago, played a single Brothers in Arms game. I think the main reason is because when the first in the series came out, there was already a large influx of WWII games out (Medal of Honor, Call of Duty… Wolfenstein) so it kind of got put into the generic stack. Playing this game, though, makes me feel very, very awful for not taking a deeper look into this game. I am a huge WWII buff, so I can say the authenticity of this game is verging on erotic. So, without further adieu, let's cut the bullshit and get to Nazi slaughter."

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Elven63706d ago

I am going through the game atm for review has well, and due to the technical problems I really can't see myself giving it higher than a 7 like most reviewers have.

But to each his own,