1UP: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Review

Review by Torrey Walker:

"I grew up pumping quarters into Sega's 1989 classic side-scroller Golden Axe, which earned its arcade cred by allowing you and a friend to ride beasts while slashing foes and wielding magic. Although you do at least ride beasts in Golden Axe: Beast Rider, a numbingly unnecessary PS3/Xbox 360 sequel, you can't do so with friends. And considering that the final cut-scene alludes to a co-op enabled follow-up, why does this game exist? Why, in the end, when I've popped every blood vessel in my brain over the so-called "normal" campaign, am I told it was all for nothing, that the real challenge is forthcoming?"

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Silogon3711d ago

Never any doubt in my mind that this game would suck the donkey.

pwnsause3711d ago

just looking at this game made me depressed. IF this game was co-op based like its predecessors, then it would of been good.

spongeboob3711d ago

I regretfully purchased this game giving Sega the benefit of the doubt only to be left with the buyers remorse. This game is filled with gliches and the screen tearing is atrocious. The game looks like a PS2 game. I have lost all my faith in Sega and this is the last game i buy with their name on the box.