Final Fantasy XIII's Soundtrack Made Me Hate the Game a Little Less

Twinfinite writes:

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most divisive games in the series, but it featured a strong soundtrack and good audio design. Let's talk about that.

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DarXyde146d ago

I felt that XIII was a legitimately great game..... once you got to Gran Pulse, anyway. It took 11 chapters to feel like a Final Fantasy, but it did (eventually).

The overall game deserves its criticisms, but I do feel that the soundtrack is nothing to scoff at.

SarcasticDuck146d ago

finished the game last week for the first time and really enjoyed myself. Felt a little overwhelmed making the sudden jump from linear to massive open field but once i got back in track, FFXIII became an awesome game to me!

rainslacker146d ago

I actually felt it was a good game, just not a good FF game. However, since FF has been going downhill anyways, I guess it was better than FFXV.

My only problem with the game was that the story wasn't told very well.

cha0sknightmare146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Funnily enough I completed it this year for the first time (having bailed on it 30 hours in around launch)

I found it a lot better this time, although still very repetitive.

MasterChief3624146d ago

This is a common thread for me with most things I dislike. If the music is good, it elevates it to a level otherwise thought unachievable. The inverse of that is also true. I can love something, but if the music is poor, it goes down a few pegs. It's probably unfair and I would do well to check that subjectivity at the door, but ehhhhhhh.

That being said, I loooooove Final Fantasy XIII. I can understand why a lot of people hate it and its sequels, though. But I love it. It's the first Final Fantasy game I ever really beat, and its sequel is the second I ever beat. I still haven't beaten an FF game outside of that series. There's something to be said about that, especially considering I have played all the Final Fantasy games. But something about the XIII series hooked me more than the others. Maybe it was Frocobo... hm...

Everything about the fist game clicked with me so much. The second one also clicked well with me. The third one... that one didn't jive with me too terribly much, honestly. But I still loved walking around in my cat lady garb with the kitties following me in that one alleyway. That was fun :)

rainslacker146d ago

For me, if music is poor, then I generally don't really pay attention to it, or even notice its there.

However, a good soundtrack I'll notice, and it will bring up my feelings for the game a few pegs.

gamer7804146d ago

Alot better than 15 in all regards

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