Apple-Microsoft ad war gets ugly

The multimillion-dollar ad war between Microsoft and Apple has turned nasty, with Apple firing the latest salvo in an attempt to continue to define Vista as a broken, bug-ridden operating system.

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Shaka2K63704d ago

Well apple is only speaking the facts there,
but come on its a shamesoft product what did you expect?

Pain3704d ago

But Fails like always considering all the "PC's" dont even know how to Update there's..

PC lol Dork~

pwnsause3704d ago

apple should of delivered the death blow in that commercial

Dmitry Orlov3704d ago

So that's the source of info for all anti-Vista douches...

GameDev3704d ago

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!
Microsoft bragged that 83% and 89% of Vista users in a separate study would recommend it to others or expressed satisfaction with it (respectively), but it then has to point out that nearly half of those were actually only “somewhat likely” to recommend it and more than half were only “somewhat satisfied” with their experience."

nuff said

MidnightProwler3703d ago

Am I the only one that likes vista? I am no computer nerd but all I know is it works for me :S

sloth4urluv3703d ago

Ha, a windows comercial made on a Mac.
I wonder what OS was used to do schematic capture and layout for Mac hardware.
Same with the CAD package used to design their products.

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Zerodin3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

MS uses Apple.
And you are just a weeaboo.

DavidMacDougall3704d ago

That is funny as hell Go Apple!! Cant wait to see Microsofts reply

Millah3704d ago

Yep, Apple just proves how much better their ad team is. I knew Apple would retaliate with something better and more clever. It took Apple weeks to respond to Microsoft, with a simple and to the point 30 second commercial. Microsoft took 3 years to respond to Apples commercials, with a lot more money and commercials that at first were very long and completely lacking focus or direction that were a failure, and now commercials that have a point but nothing really all that clever.

Its funny how all these nerds complain Apple is using dirty tactics, but these people obviously don't know history and the things Microsoft did to get in their position today. Apple isn't doing anything wrong, they are outsmarting their competition and pointing out their flaws, they aren't lying at all in any of their commercials. I don't understand how the nerds can feel like Apple is bullying MICROSOFT, that is just too funny.

Imallvol73704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

It's like Obama vs. McCain. Attack ad after attack ad. What happened to just showing your strengths, and then letting the media call out your lies. Nothing works like it is supposed to. Mainly because everyone is corrupt and people are too lazy to think for themselves.

paul-p19883704d ago

M$ did show there strengths with these ads. They threw loads of money at it and hoped for the best, thats always been there way, and it doesnt seem to be working anymore......

GameDev3704d ago

the media hasn't called out anyone on their lies in the last 50 years, they are paid whores.

SaiyanFury3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

"Further, Vista is in danger of being skipped over by a large proportion of consumers because the next iteration of Windows, dubbed Windows 7, is due for general release late next year."

This in part is true. I had Vista on my laptop when I got it, and it blew up my antivirus and some drivers. Instead, I installed XP on it and it's worked well ever since. I prefer the freedoms afforded by the PC platform. I control what software goes into it and the hardware. I'm not locked into an Apple platform. I'm happy to skip Vista on my very Vista capable PC and I'll wait for Windows 7. MS needs to address many issues from locking out third party hardware manufacturers to the key code of the OS to the general incompatibilities. This is the main reason that I and a great number of PC users stick to XP. It's the OS that is most compatible with games and various software. I'll never pay money for an iMac because I don't want to pay top dollar to be locked down in proprietary hardware and software. For some people that works, but not for me. I prefer the freedom that a PC offers.

Stubacca3704d ago

I've had no problems with Vista and could never get with a Mac because it's so darn alien. I use a lot of media-editing programs and everyone keeps recomending Macs, but I just feel I always have more opyions using Windows.

These ads are funny, but I'd rather they focussed on the products instead.

Cryos3703d ago

they have windows for apple now. you're not locked into a proprietary system since apple went power pc with ibm. (i think that's the case)

Honestly, M$ would be better to distance themselves from PC, and push that they are a software company, and they have the best OS, for PC, or mac.

They're losing the argument, so they need to change the discussion

SaiyanFury3703d ago

By proprietary system, I was talking about hardware. If I want to change out something in my computer, I want the freedom to be able to do that. Be it video card, add a PCI card of some sort, change my sound card, etc. I want the freedom to be able to open up my case and do whatever it is I feel like doing.

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