Tomb Raider Fan Wins Xbox One X at SDCC by Eating a Centipede

One dedicated Tomb Raider fan took on an insect-eating challenge at SDCC.

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Razzer58d ago

And one unlucky centipede

Godmars29058d ago

As long as it was fried...

ApexWolf2258d ago (Edited 58d ago )

$500 reward just for eating a bug?lol. Anyone ever watch Fear Factor back in the day? Lol..."obviously Fear is not a Factor" (winner proceeds to spit out pickled bull balls drenched in gorilla piss 😰)

lxeasy58d ago

I used to love that show lol I always wanted to be on it. Ironically a Tomb Raider and Fear Factor go hand in hand.

JBryant061958d ago

Eating the Bug just gives you an opportunity to Spin the prize wheel which could reward you with the console, the new tomb raider game, a tshirt, raffle tickets, or nothing at all lol.

joshljr58d ago

It doesn't say anything about her getting game with it. Think it was just console.

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The story is too old to be commented.