Updates - GF9300 Chipset

AnandTech: "We had numerous emails on what commercial BD playback software worked properly with the GF9300. This is an important question for many as purchasing a $50 card like the AMD HD4550 is sometimes a better value than spending $60~$90 updating your BD playback program. Our retail and OEM copies of Cyberlink's PowerDVD Ultra V7, build 4407, worked fine with our three GF9300 boards. An OEM version of Corel's WinDVD 8 Platinum HD/BD worked properly but we did not have a retail copy to test.

Current versions of PowerDVD 8 Ultra and WinDVD 9 Plus also work. We tested with PowerDVD 8 Ultra, build 2201a, in our chipset article. An OEM developer version of ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theater offered full hardware support for the GF9300. However, we tried to purchase a retail copy on Friday to test and ran into a few problems. After taking our credit card information, confirming purchase, and sending us the program download link, we were left with a program that would not work."

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