Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Sells an Estimated 138,244 Units First Week at Retail

The compilation fighting game from publisher Capcom and developer Digital Eclipse - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - sold 138,244 units first week at retail on consoles, according to VGChartz estimates.

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PhoenixUp145d ago

Whoa this game sold better on NS than it did on XO

81BX145d ago

Why is that a surprise? Name a multiplat fighter that sells the most on XO Lol.

PhoenixUp145d ago

Not a lot of multiplatform fighting games that are on both XO & NS to choose from...

However most of Capcom’s multiplats on NS have pailed in comparison to sales on XO.

Tetsujin145d ago

There's still some issues I have with this collection:

No option(s) for home/console versions
No Hyper SF2 Anniversary Edition
Online is still a mess
No Super Gem Fighter (Puzzle Fighter on PS/Saturn)