The 5 Worst Games of All Time

Bad video games aren't uncommon. A few bad video games are released every year, but these games are some of the worst games ever made.

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PhoenixUp116d ago

“Megaman X7 also introduced an annoying character named Axl, a character that is remembered for stealing all the spotlight from X.”

Fortunately for Axl, MMX8 fixed the problem by tweaking his set of skills, maturing in personality, keeping his copy and hovering abilities while giving Axl multi-directional, rapid-fire capabilities

CorndogBurglar115d ago

The only game on this list that deserves to be there is Superman 64.

1. Aquaman
2. Superman 64
3. E.T.
4. Aliens: Colonial Marines
5. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

These 5 games are so notoriously bad that they have become legend, as well as being completely unplayable.

InKnight7s116d ago

x7 was't that bad I would replace it with Final Fantay Dissidia NT.

bigmalky116d ago

What about the thousands of Steam shovelware games... Surely they beat this list hands down.

Motion116d ago

What about E.T. for Atari?

Lexreborn2116d ago

Pretty sure this article was created to feed off of the Megaman X collection searches for hits. X7 isn't nearly as bad as some other games out there and probably wouldn't even be considered for any top 5 I would create.

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The story is too old to be commented.