TeamXbox: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

TeamXbox writes: "Before console racing hit the Underground, Angel Studios was giving gamers healthy dosages of the tuner culture in Midnight Club: Street Racing.

Those already allied with Microsoft's new hardware had little clue about Midnight Club's tarmac-breaking work in the tuner-game genre, however, as Rockstar's franchise stayed away from the big black box until 2003. Also keeping the Club a "member's only" affair was the fact that the Xbox faithful were already preoccupied with that other twist on the traditional racer known as Project Gotham Racing.

By the time Midnight Club II hit the Xbox, Angel became Rockstar San Diego, and Electronic Arts was already revving up its engines to compete head to head with the founding fathers of the street tuner. EA Canada not only had put together a fine game, but it also struck a slightly deeper chord with those gamers that couldn't get enough of 2001's The Fast and the Furious. The battleship that is EA's PR doesn't hurt either when it comes to hyping a game, based on a trend, exacerbated by a movie."

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