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Rob Pitt writes: Gene Rain is a rather interesting third-person cover-shooter game from Chinese developer Deeli Network. Take control of four characters as you head out into the post-apocalyptic world to try and put an end to a rather unique threat to the human race. The game offers exciting cover-based shooting segments, plentiful weapon customisations, and a rather unique talent of voice acting.

However, there are moments in the game which I wished were done differently or maybe given a bit more polish. As such, let’s take a look at how Gene Wars stacks up against other cover-based shooters.

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Galahad147d ago

This game is hot garbage

techsquisite147d ago

steaming lol. looks pathetic af..

Joshua13141d ago

The problem with the game is that all of its flaws COULD have been forgiven IF Deeli didn't make us pay $25 on it. I could easily just get myself Uncharted 4 or Gears of War or some other game like taht. Hell, Umbrella Corps costs $5 less than Gene Rain.

And yes, I know, "just keep in mind that this game is low budget and was made by students". However, there are games out there that were made by students alone such as Piecefall (very underrated) and not only many of them costs less than $20 but they are also pretty decent for the most part. Not only Gene Rain is lazy effort, but it's an overpriced lazy effort. The reason why I liked Dark Legion VR for what it was, despite how laughably mediocre that game was, was because 1)it's a chinese VR game so what did you expect?, 2)the gameplay was fairly solid offering a decent amount of qeapons that not even The Walker could even take notes, and 3)IT'S $10. Not 15, not 20, just $10. And mind you (especially to Robo-GP) that Dark Legion VR has the same budget, if not probably slightly less than Gene Rain's, so there's no excuse.

rob-GP147d ago

Entitled to your own opinion. I thought it wasn’t bad for a first attempt from a company that originally planned it to be a psvr only title and couldn’t receive any funding from local publishers - due to China being overrun with mobile devs and publishers.

Sure, some won’t like the voice acting and dialogue - I didn’t mind them. Some won’t like the controls - I remapped via the PS4 system menu. Some won’t like the story - I agree I got lost a few times with the story. But as a generic cover-based shooter, it was enjoyable to play and it kept me engaged until the end.

A lot of people try and compare it to things like Gears of War without realising that was built with millions of dollars in the budget. This wasn’t.

Rangerman1208141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I agree. However, that still doesn't help the fact that this game is forcing us to pay $25 on dollars, when we could easily use that amount of money on buying better ones. Heck, there are even games out there on the market that has a lower budget and costs cheaper than this game and are way more fun.

Not to mention that bringing up the budget doesn't excuse the low effort made from the team. The game even has asset-flips, with one rifle being literally just an enlarged version of the pistol. There are so many issues in the gameplay and audio that it really makes you wonder if the devs even cared at that point.

But hey, I guess opinions are opinions. I mean, you spent dozens of hours on playing horde mode (with invisible walls making the combat less flexible compared to the campaign's), while I already got tired of it after an hour, especially since the game doesn't have multiplayer, lowering more the reason to even play the mode again.

You can like the game if you want, I don't mind but if there's one thing I won't let it get pass by, no matter how much they like the game, is the price alone. If it was $10 or less, then it might be passable. But $25 on a low-budget third person shooter with terrible writing, no multiplayer, passable graphics and gameplay, and low replay-value? I'm sorry, but I feel like Deeli is just (secretly) stealing our network without much care.

rob-GP141d ago

@Rangerman1208 - how are they "that this game is forcing us to pay $25" - is someone claiming it's their God-given right to have every single game and they HAVE to buy everything that comes out? Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. Maybe someone should stop being so entitled and respect that some people may actually get some enjoyment out of something they don't like. I'm sure there are games you like which others think are rubbish and a rip-off, yet those people probably don't go around telling you the things you enjoyed aren't worth X amount and that they are "being forced, with a gun to their head" to buy the game.

Anyway, I'm done with this conversation, it's pointless and going nowhere, just try not to be so entitled and making out that the devs are forcing you to do things when in reality it's your choice, not a requirement.

141d ago