Killzone 2's Imperfect Hero

As the new player character in Killzone 2, Sev takes the mantle from Jan Templar, who achieved near-legendary status for his heroics during the events of the first Killzone and Killzone: Liberation. But Sev isn't meant to be a clone of his predecessor. He is grittier and more experienced than Templar was at the start of the Killzone franchise, and his motivations aren't quite as selfless.

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Nomad10013708d ago

In my booma a boom boom!

Gaystation 33708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I always wondered what it would take to lose my faith in humanity.

FantasyStar3708d ago

c'mon, it's written all over Sev's scalp!

El_Colombiano3708d ago

Mohawk = The "thing" going around my town with preps. Annoying but if preps have it it cannot Anti-hero.

grantps33708d ago

i like it more that way

eagles19903708d ago

It seems interesting. I'm not sure if I will buy because I don't really like FPS games but we'll see....

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