IGN AU: Fable II Review

The combat is a great deal of fun and there's just so much other stuff packed in that you've always got countless things to keep you busy, and it's never less than enthralling seeing how everything in the world interrelates. Best of all, while the story represents an engaging ride, it's really only one piece of Fable II. After the story is done and dusted, you make another choice about your role in the world and back in you go – ready to complete unfinished quests, snag any remaining collectibles, continue leveling up and buying property, and above all, continuing to experiment. Fable II is a masterful piece of game design, and utterly compelling.

Presenatation - 7.0
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.5
Overall -

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KingDizzi3704d ago

Very nice score, Peter has delivered

blooodFrenzy923704d ago

it got a 9.5 9.2 and a 8.8 which = a 9.2 average not bad at all from ign!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3704d ago

Yes I'm glad the 360 has at least one AAA game this year.It was getting boring destroying them in reviews for a bit

GiantEnemyCrab3704d ago

Lord then that must really suck for you seeing as the PS3 has only had 2 AAA titles it's whole existance and 1 of them is multiplatform.

Cry some more.

Nintendo Rep3704d ago

Jesus Christ Crab, leave him alone in his delusional world of AAA games on the PS3. Do you know why the PS3 is failing? The PS3 decided to copy motion control from the Wii which means this all karma.

Failbox and Failstation destined to Fail amongst themselves in Failland. FAIL. At least the 360 is in second place... PS3 better do something or the Failbomb will Fail all over the Failstation 3.

Joejoefhosho3704d ago

If you're going to count FableII as an exclusive, then count LBP as well...

Typical bias Bot

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fufotrufo3704d ago

Fable II is a masterful piece of game design, and utterly compelling. - IGN AU

Haters!..attack ign au in 3.....2.....1..... GO!!

Lolliflop Lolliflop 3704d ago

Now proceed to cry and damage control below this comment

fufotrufo3704d ago

Eurogamer 10/10 > IGN

silly sfag ..LBP is for kids :)

BIoodmask3704d ago

because IGN AU usually rates lower than IGN US. Props to Peter for being able to pull it off. I am looking forward to seeing what his next project is. Hopefully something will be announced soon.

N4PS3G3704d ago

hurry up and approve this buddy :)

legendkilla3704d ago

im looking forward to getting this game! good review!

name3704d ago

IGN us rated it lower

N4PS3G3704d ago

it was you who posted the ..sorry

Nintendo Rep3704d ago

I'm getting this game just to fill in between Zeldas. Still hoping for a new one. This game reminds me of Zelda so much, 9.5 is the correct score.

pwnsause3704d ago

"IGN us rated it lower"

Either way, Peter and the rest of Loinheard delivered.

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