Erotic 3D Hospital Visual Novel "General Practitioner" Gets Alpha Release

In development by Bruni Multimedia, “General Practitioner” is an indie Medical Simulation Adult Visual Novel where you take the role of a doctor living his life. Manage his career and meet new patients, learn basic anatomy and medical stuff in a way similar to the Emergency Room series from Legacy Games back in the 90’s.

The game combines a deep, engaging story about the Doctor’s life. Players choose what to do each day. Will you explore the city, will you examine patients (both scripted and randomly generated), will you take your time to romance some of the characters?

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Eonjay142d ago

That is creepy to the point of being kinda funny.

psuedo142d ago

Hmmm. It seems you're constipated......wanna go on a date?

RadicalCannibal142d ago

You using the whole fist doc?

141d ago
pinkystinkinc142d ago

nourishing your dormant subconscious serial killer

Mutant-Spud141d ago

The "How to get de-registered by the medical board and placed on a sex offender register" simulator.

meshowz141d ago

This is one of the hot topics yet only 4-5 comments

otakuapologist141d ago

I was never expecting a shitty 3d visual novel to get this kind of traction. We cover games with better art and gameplay that are much, much, much more erotic than this crap.

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