The Nintendo Switch emulator, Ryujinx, can run some games at almost constant 60fps

Gamedev1909 has announced that the best Nintendo Switch emulator, Ryujinx, can now run some 2D games with almost constant 60fps. These games that are already working great with Ryujinx are Puyo Puyo Tetris, The Binding Of Isaac and Cave Story.

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29d ago
jjb198129d ago

So the pirating begins....

Lon3wolf29d ago

I thought that would of started when the Tegra was hacked to run unsigned code.

jjb198129d ago

Never arrived to the game. Not interested in pirating games. People wonder why these game companies are the way they are.

solidossnakos29d ago

It depends from where did you get the rom.

starchild29d ago

Of course. But piracy can also happen on the original hardware. Emulation is just the means to play the software, it doesn't imply piracy at all. I use emulation all the time, but I don't pirate games.

Kokyu29d ago

You act likw it wasnt already happening

playnice29d ago the comments about emulation being piracy begin... :/

jjb198129d ago

Typical criminal responses. Smh.

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King_Noctis29d ago

The keyword here is “some”. And by “some” they mean games like Puyo Puyo Tetris, The Binding Of Isaac and Cave Story, which can be played easily on other platforms without the need of emulating. On top of that, you’ll need a very beefy PC to be able to achieve this, plus emulating the bigger AAA titles will not come for many years.

At this point if you wanna play Switch games, you would be better off buying a Switch.

SPTMN29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Only 2 of those games are shown as playable - the rest have issues or just won't load at all.

playnice29d ago

The portable form factor alone makes it worth being a switch but impressive work on the emulator all the same :D.

PurpHerbison29d ago

"plus emulating the bigger AAA titles will not come for many years. "

Willing to bet it will happen way sooner than later.

Kokyu29d ago

When I build my cheap Pc Ill be using this

SPTMN29d ago

Might need more than just a cheap PC for emulation. A general rule is that the PC will need 3 times the power of the desired emulated device in order to function at a basic level.

Kokyu29d ago

Um no thats not true at all. I run CEMU on my 6yr old laptop now its just 30fps. A 350 to 400 PC can run a Wii U emulator no problem.

SPTMN29d ago

Running at 30fps is not 100% emulation which is what i was saying and extra horsepower required is to make up for the inefficiencies of the emulator itself. Added to the fact the switch is more advanced than the WiiU and using a different architecture then it will require even more power. Also added the the fact that PC parts are currently the most expensive they've ever been then a cheap pc will become a moderately priced PC. Even if it is around the 400 cost mark - that's still almost twice the price of the Switch itself.

chris23529d ago

not even interested for free

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