Bethesda: 'We Have To Change How We Approach Single-Player Games'

Although Bethesda Softworks continues to be one of the greatest proponents of single-player games in the AAA arena, the publisher believes it needs to adapt its approach to such projects.

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Einhander1971142d ago

Single player games still the best experience:)

drpepperdude142d ago

I used to think that and there has been some great single player games but this gen the games I enjoyed the most were multiplayer with friends or family involved. Sea of Thieves while I think it's a horrible game with a lack of content I enjoyed it the most this gen.

Eidolon142d ago

You enjoy playing games with your friends and family, others like playing by themselves, you can have fun with the shittiest game if friends and family are there, but doesn't that's not a game experience, that's a social experience.

Jinger142d ago (Edited 142d ago )


Well that's not true. A crap game is a crap game. There has been PLENTY of co-op games or online games that my brother and I stop playing because it just isn't fun

Eidolon142d ago

No one is saying a multiplayer game can't be great..

drpepperdude142d ago

@Eidolon I didn't say I only enjoy playing games with friends or family, I said this gen I had better experiences that way mostly because multiplayer games continue to improve while single player experiences are going the opposite direction. Most of them have become shorter with overall bland story telling except for a select few Sony and third party games. I would say microtransactions are multiplayers biggest negative (other than servers) but then again single player games have them now too...

FinalFantasyFanatic142d ago

Single player has always been my best experience, it's hard to find friends with the same multiplayer games and it's even harder to get the to stick with it. When I think about it, the SOS system in Monster Hunter World works best for me and sometimes I get the same players helping me out on a semi-regular basis.

OB1Biker142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Multiplayer games have become even more popular this gen with free to play and also with kids getting more involved in multiplayer . However I think there is a renewal of single player experience in a more relatable, emotional or realistic approach, closer to the quality of experience you can find in other medium but with the more involving, immersive or fun nature of videogames.

' single player experiences are going the opposite direction. Most of them have become shorter with overall bland story '
I strongly disagree with that one

Kornholic142d ago

You ruined your perfectly valid point by mentioning Sea of Thieves. Better luck next time!

joab777141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Not me! Not at all. I do enjoy multiplayer games a lot. I love mmo’s. But some of the very best games made are single player experiences.

Now, what I wouldn’t mind is the option in some great single player games to have a friend play with you. Because often it’s great to experience a grand adventure with a buddy, as an option though! I wouldn’t mind the ability to jump into a friend’s ES6 game and help him tackle missions or build his estate. But not an always online, pervasive world with dozens of ppl.

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Jinger142d ago

Eh, it's more like 25/75 for me. Most of my game time comes from games that have multiplayer or co-op.

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Jinger141d ago


Monster Hunter
Dark Souls series
Rocket League
Quake Champions

I mean I could go on and on and the list would also include games with SP and MP like Gears, Halo, UC4 I spent more time in MP than the SP....

Kumakai142d ago

yet some of my best memories of gaming are playing multiplayer with a team of friends.

Why o why141d ago

Me too, some of my best memories were multiplayer from unreal tournament to modern warfare. . . Couch multiplayer seems to be ignored though. Those local multiplayer games have also been some of my best gaming experiences but sp games have outnumbered the aforementioned.

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Bahamut141d ago

Yes, but, taking a single player game, then just giving the option for a 2nd player to join without changing anything else, is okay in my book. I always wished they would add a player "drop-in/drop-out" feature in Skyrim so me and my wife or kids could play together. Change nothing else. Just allow one other person to join in if they want.

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drpepperdude142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

So they have been making good single player games and then they say the way they approach them now shouldn't be the same as before... I can't find any positives in that statement.

Zabatsu2142d ago

Me neither and will most likely end up with me not buying their games.

Cobra951141d ago

That's what I'm afraid of. The "article" adds nothing to the headline. (Don't bother clicking.) The vague "change" is all we know. But all the implications I can think of are negative. I will not be buying Bethesda games like Fallout 76, even if they do include a single-player component. If this is where the whole industry is going, including Bethesda, good thing I have such an extensive backlog. I can wait for the rare gems that don't fall into the monetization bandwagon.

rainslacker142d ago

Well....every dev and pub should always analyze how they approach games. It doesn't mean they have to make drastic changes to what they're doing. Could just mean that they have to make sure to analyze the way they approach the games. If that's the case, then he's not wrong. SP games have to be looked at in a way that can keep them profitable.

-Foxtrot142d ago

What's with the total 180?

I'll say it again for the 100th time on here

"SAVE PLAYER ONE" - The campaign they did at Christmas last year

Now we have a complete 180 from them with Fallout 76 and statements like these, I mean what the hell is going on from them?

Dark_Knightmare2142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

It sucks but i can’t entirely blame them since prey,Wolfenstein 2,dishonored 2 and evil within 2 all reviewed well with wolf 2,dishonored 2 and prey being outstanding but they didn’t sell at all so people aren’t putting their money where their mouth is

RememberThe357141d ago

Their single-player games didn't do as well as they hoped and their advertising campaign hasn't helped. This is what happens when we don't buy the games we say we want.

Kavorklestein142d ago

I can think of a new way to do single player games... NO dlc. Make it worth my damn 60 bucks. Then maybe a year later... when I KNOW it wasn't simply cut from the game for extra $$$ release a MAJOR DLC instead.

Petebloodyonion142d ago

And where did games like Wolfenstein 2 and Doom failed to deliver 60$ worth of content?
Or games like Dishonered2, Evil2, etc...?

Kavorklestein141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I never said they failed.
I'm saying making singleplayer games is good, as LONG as it's worth the 60 bucks and not 120 bucks etc.. because of dlc

OB1Biker142d ago

'That doesn’t mean that we should keep doing things the way we did five or ten years ago—we’ve got to CONTINUE to change how we approach it.”
The statement is rather neutral actually

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joab777141d ago

Me either. The problem is that the profits from mp games r exponentially better than sp. That’s the real issue that I wish publishers/devs and gamers could have, instead of all these BS cloak and dagger excuses.

GTA5 is the single best selling SP game of all time and it’s profits pale in comparison to its online counterpart. When ppl invest money, they want little risk and the greatest return. AAA sp games r expensive and may end up failing miserably. Even if they succeed, they don’t make as much as many mobile games do.

So, we need to work together to make sure that sp games continue to get made b/c so many are soooo good! Most discussions assume that players like sp or mp games and that’s not true. I love both. I don’t know the answer. But the answer isn’t changing or eliminating the sp experience.

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kevnb142d ago

well you have to think about marketing and release windows, Bethesda has been doing a little poorly in those regards for games they haven't developed themselves.

DrumBeat142d ago

That single statement worries me. How would you go about changing your approach? What does that really mean? -Worried gamer.

OhReginald142d ago

Sounds fishy to me as well. Better not be hinting at single player games as a service or some hybrid of singplayer/multiplayer like destiny.

Thomaticus141d ago

They can make that change if they want their games to end up in the 9.99 / 4.99 bin.

showtimefolks142d ago

FO76 is proof Bethesda that you weren't happy with sales from(FO4)(which BTW made you billion with launch)

Instead of having to change all you have to do is change the release window for some of the smaller games. Games like dishonored and wolfenstien would have done better if released during better part of the calendar so they didn't have to compete with other games