Up to 70% off digtal Xbox One versions of Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin's Creed Origins

Amazon has discounted the digital versions of Assassin's Creed Origins to $29.99 and Watch Dogs 2 to $17.99.

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Bismarn120d ago

$29.99 is 70% off? Who prices these games, jewelers?

Gwiz120d ago

" up to " that goes for WD2 when you consider a price of $60.They're not saying 70% they add... " up to "
It's a sales trick sure but very easy to spot.

TheUndertaker85119d ago

Watch Dogs 2: $17.99 Regular price $59.99 Save $42.00 (70%)

Assassin’s Creed Origins: $29.99 Regular price $59.99 Save $30.00 (50%)

deckardreplicant119d ago

Get Watch Dogs 2 if you have not already, The Story is weak but the gameplay and mission design and overall world are just so fun to play with. I had such a blast with this game and doing nonsense stupid shit!

Gwiz119d ago

I agree,the story is leaning towards the hipster culture while also making fun of it.
It's a huge step forward compared to the first game,I hope they consider making a dystopian Watchdogs.
A setting in the far future with more futuristic (thus sci-fi) technical capabilities.

deckardreplicant119d ago

It would be really awesome! Cyberpunk is my shit so if it has dystopian side to it then I am all in but again CP2077 is coming haha