Epic Programmer Says Next Generation Consoles Will Enable Devs to Cross the Uncanny Valley

Epic Games CTO said that next generation consoles will finally enable developers to cross the fabled 'uncanny valley' for humans modeling.

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rainslacker149d ago

Probably the ones that actually understand what the uncanny valley is, and that you can't actually cross it. if you come close to it, you're going in the wrong direction.

mike32UK149d ago

You can cross it, in fact it's better TO cross it than be IN the valley.

rainslacker149d ago

Its more that if you approach it, then it give the nagging feeling that something isn't right to the viewer. Staying away from it means that you don't do that.

Braindeadninja148d ago

You don't understand what it meant. Uncanny valley is like obstacle which is preventing us to see realistic graphics. By crossing it you will get across the obstacle and reach realistic looking visuals.

yarbie1000149d ago

It will happen on PC before it happens on consoles. And it isn't happening on either anytime soon

fr0sty149d ago

It hasn't even happened entirely on farms of high powered servers given as much as days per frame to render, which is why so much movie CG sucks despite being given the above advantage when rendering.

aaronaton149d ago

Makes no sense..
Uncharted 4 is the closest we've got to getting out of the uncanny valley. It's the devs and their capture technologies that make the difference.

n1kki6149d ago

Well then technically we should be able to bridge the uncanny valley right now on pc Hell probably could have 3 years ago but devs need to accomodate for the lowest common denometer console gamers who only want to spend $299 on hardwre but expect it to have best in class performance. Im not even worried about visuals anymore. Amp up the cpu compute power for better AI. Im sick of the same games with better graphics. Take it all to the cloud and we no longer have hardware restrictions. customers can pay for the compute power they want for the visuals they desire.

sprinterboy149d ago

Low/mid range pc also, I bet ultra/high end gaming is only about 10% of pc gamers?

n1kki6149d ago

Probably, but the gtx 780 came out 8 years ago and has 5 tflops which is more than the PS4. Yes on PC there is extra overhead, but cmon. Literally 8 year old tech that doesn't get taken advantage of until 2017/18 because consoles gamers are only will to spend $299 on hardware that they want to last 5-7 years. It's a joke.

joab777148d ago

What? She IS talking about the best we have right now. It has nothing to do with consoles or finding price points to generate maximum revenue. She is speaking about the ability in the near future for devs to take advantage of evolving code to reach a breaking point.

assassin2k148d ago

Naughty dog did so well on PS4 with TLOU2 trailer that I believe it is possible.

joab777148d ago

I do find the hair interesting though. Sheds light on why devs highlight this aspect so much. It’s one of those things that requires absurd processing power to achieve likeness. And what will ultimately be the thing that holds us back...for now.

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LavaLampGoo149d ago

I'm not sure we'll ever fully cross the uncanny valley, were pretty good at creeping ourselves out.

DashMad149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I'm not sure either, If the PC with 8-10 times more power than current gen base console can't do that why do they think the console can ?? there wont be more than ten times jump next gen at best we will only seen 8-12 Tflop machine with 16 GB Ram if they want to price it around 400 usd.

Glak18149d ago

People that play consoles don't believe the PC exist, very much like global warming. The PC is a made up myth that only the wealthiest in the world who pay 10 billion dollars can afford one. Also consoles are not computers at all, they are 100% alien technology that could not remain stable outside a small form factor.

elazz149d ago

You know a 12TF machine would still be 10x more than the Xbox one. I think base Ps5 will have at least 2.5 to 3 times more gpu power measured in TF than the PS4 pro. The biggest boost will come from the CPU to be significantly stronger. Maybe 3 - 4 times stronger as well. It's gonna be great but that's only what I think. Let's see what Sony will show in a a year or two

Zabatsu2149d ago

PC gaming is controlled by the console market, no matter if you like it or not. It's simply not worth it för most PC developers to push graphical boundaries that cost extreme amounts of investment compared to return. This however, do work on consoles.

nitus10147d ago

8 to 10 times the power of a Console?

Well, I suppose if you have the money (usually a lot) but there are diminishing returns on your investment since no matter how powerful your PC is today come tomorrow someone will have a more powerful one. Of course, you really do have to ask the question as to what you really need a PC for.

I do agree that for next-gen consoles 16GB or more memory should be the norm. Unfortunately, memory has dramatically increased in price (my 16G DDR4 which I purchased over two years ago is 30%~40% more expensive) although it is now starting to drop.


You forgot the "/s" or smiley. 🙂

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ccgr149d ago

Can't wait to see it!

King_Noctis149d ago

I don’t think Naughty Dog is the only dev who can create good looking games.

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rivaldoo777149d ago

Naughty Dog are the best for sure. Nothing looked graphically stunning than TLOU2 thus far.

starchild148d ago

That game isn't even out. And if we're talking about unreleased games I think Cyberpunk 2077 looks better.

rivaldoo777148d ago

@starchild Cyberpunk looks good but GOW looks better. Plenty more games I can name that looks better than cyberpunk. We are talking graphics here.

starchild148d ago

Don't agree at all. Cyberpunk 2077 looks significantly better to me than God of War. On the other hand, TLOU2 looks a little better than God of War.

rivaldoo777148d ago

Um are you judging by the trailer or were you behind doors? Your dumb if you think that trailer looks significantly better than GOW

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GTgamer149d ago

After playing Detroit I can see them doing it because some characters look incredible

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KionicWarlord222149d ago

The animations is all they really need now.

Games already got the faces very life like up close thanks to high LOD`s.

RememberThe357149d ago

That Death Stranding trailer was close.

Jinger149d ago

For animation? Not even close

RememberThe357149d ago

Yep, animations. I thought those were some of the best I'd ever seen. Not quite out of the valley but cresting the ridge.

rivaldoo777149d ago

Compared to TLOUP2, It was very meh