Marvel's Spider-Man Gets Tons of Info on Miles, Mary Jane, the Velocity Suit, Black Cat, and More

Insomniac Games and Marvel provided some juicy info about the characters and more elements of Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4.

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ninsigma121d ago

All sounds extremely epic!

Obscure_Observer120d ago

"The answer to “can we play as Miles Morales?” simply was “you’ll find out on September 7th.”

OMG!!! I can f%¨&$# wait!!!


Scar-120d ago

Whats up with down votes? A another Spiderman with different powers is a MASSIVE plus are you y'all crazy? Especially if we can free roam with both at our choosing that raises the replay bar significantly.

salmonade120d ago

There are a lot of people who can't play this on their console or on their PC. They're bitter and downvote any excitement they can see about this game lol

ShadowWolf712120d ago

Different powers? He's got the same plus two more jacked from other characters related to the mythos, chill.

He also doesn't have any powers in this game.

Count_Bakula120d ago

Probably would have got tons more pre-orders if last suit was symbiote, regular black, or classic.

Eonjay120d ago

They showed the classic suit in the last trailer.

ShadowWolf712120d ago

Or about the same amount since no one but hardcore Venom fanboys care enough about that to let that affect their purchase decision?

And they'll buy it anyways.

Tross119d ago

Plus, if this game is successful, maybe there will be a game with Venom in the future, or even some DLC. Avoiding the game entirely for that reason is pretty closed-minded IMHO, especially since what the game does include looks to be great.

Count_Bakula112d ago

Symbiote suit on Spider-Man doesn't = Venom. Don't give a shit about Venom.