No Man’s Sky’s NEXT Update Could Revitalize the Game

The game has fallen off the grid and seemed dead for a long time. However, Hello Games is releasing a new update that could breathe life back into this ambitious undertaking. The NEXT update may just have enough to get people (back) into the cockpit.

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PhantomS42148d ago

Nope, as many have said it's far too it'll and way too late.

showtimefolks147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

There is actually a good size active community that only grows with each update

In my opinion game still needs few more big updates

thorstein147d ago

Yeah there is. At first the hate was sad, now I just pity these people.

How can they hold hate for the game 2 years after it launched. Move on.

"But it's their opinion." 2 years later? If they hate it so, so much, why dwell on something that came out 2 years ago?

warriorcase147d ago


I think some people (mostly kids I would wager) have a hard time believing that their opinion isn't the only/popular opinion.

Sam Fisher147d ago

I disagree the fact that they are still trying and not shelfing it is commendable, i admire their determination, therefor i will give it an other go. Im pretty sure there are others that will give a chance.

PhantomS42147d ago

The only reason why they are still updating is they were caught with their pants down and now they are still trying to get the game they promised day 1 out.

-Foxtrot147d ago

Exactly. Even with all these updates if you compare it to lists online you can find with what they promised or said was going to be in the game from big to small then see the what the updates have brought there's still a shit ton of stuff missing.

It's really not on at the end of the day's great they haven't gave up on it but honestly it's not the point.

Aenea147d ago

"a shit ton of stuff missing."

Bwahahahaha, sure

-T9X-69-147d ago

Umm that list is outdated. Even if the first comment says it's outdated. Ringed planets were shown in the trailer for NEXT and Crashed Freighters have been in the game since the last update a year ago. Yeah, not a very reliable source.

isa_scout147d ago

Or you could do that with every trailer Ubisoft has showed off in the past 10 years. At some point the haters need to just go away.

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Smitty2020147d ago

Even when the updates came out I still enjoyed exploring different planets,the updates has just made the game better and I can bet any money that all the players that bought the game on release will return

Traingamez147d ago

I got it for like $6 months ago, it was fun for a few hours will go back and see what’s new

It’s actually a nice chill game to relax with

Ciporta1980147d ago

Next time I play this will be if they add psvr support.

Enate147d ago

Its impossible to find a deal on the game on PC now of course. I already own it on PS4 but I want it for PC as well.

Psychotica147d ago

It's $33.49 right now on

Enate145d ago

I saw that and was going to get it then I saw a bunch of negative reviews about buying form them. So I obtained for now.

Psychotica145d ago

I have bought quite a few games from them and have never had a problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.