Should PS5 Support VR?

The PSVR may be the best overall VR device on the market, but can Sony afford to continue pushing the technology?

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naruga123d ago

no should NOT...or at least to have a very minimal (secondary) role to the overall design of the console ...VR is Not fun, no matter the game

THC CELL123d ago

Sound like someone not fit enough for vr sickness maybe, sadly boy vr is getting built with ps5 using with an incredible 1,001ppi display

Smitty2020122d ago

Vr is the way forward for sure I can’t wait until we are in worlds like ready player one

agnosticgamer122d ago

Maybe he... just doesn't like VR... Not everyone likes gaming with a helmet on their head... But, that doesn't mean Sony shouldn't support it for the fans who like it and want to see innovation occur within the VR space... No need to attack him...

Babadook7122d ago

@agnistic I don’t see anyone attacking him. Just disagreeing with his opinion.

Army_of_Darkness121d ago

I was not a VR believer until I actually got a psvr, used it and played a few games on it. I also let everyone in my family try it out and they all loved it! It is a truly awesome experience so yes! Ps5 definitely needs a built in VR system to push it to its limits!

fr0sty121d ago

You can always tell the ones who have actually tried it...

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Venox2008122d ago

oh well..too bad for you, your loss...PSVR is awesome and amazing, so I am 100 percent in for the one on PS5

Eonjay122d ago

It should be there for those who enjoy it..

Mr_Writer85122d ago


That comes across as if you're stating a fact, when in fact you're stating an opinion. One that is differing to say myself and others.

And whilst your opinion may very well reflect your experience. It doesn't not reflect mine or others, and you have no right to speak on my behalf, so could you please refrain from doing so.

Cheers ;)

naruga122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

its a gaming site..and also has a comment section ...i can comment and express whichever fing opinion i fing want as long as it is gaming related and follows the site s rules ....i dont reprensent you can fing comment also you know please dont ever say to me what to do ....cheers:)

zeuanimals122d ago


Such a bitter person. Get some help man, it ain't that serious. And your suggestion that it shouldn't have VR or have VR be very minimal is stupid as hell. Sony can manage both, they already are with the PS4/PSVR. But nah, they should move backwards because some dude with serious anger issues doesn't like it.

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jmc8888122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

What's funny is you don't even make a valid argument.

You act like it's going to do something to alter the console. No one is saying pack the thing in the box with the PS5.

VR may not be fun to you, but every gamer has genres they like and don't like.

If you don't want a peripheral, don't buy it.

Mr_Writer85122d ago


I never said you couldn't express an opinion.

What I said is you should refraine from trying to express your opinions as fact.

Hope this helps.

JackBNimble122d ago

No it should not?
What difference would it make to you in the first place?
If you don't want VR then don't get VR.

OB1Biker122d ago

'VR is Not fun, no matter the game'
Dumbest comment of the year.

rainslacker122d ago

It should support it. Sony shouldn't design it's console around VR though. No reason to raise the cost of the console for everyone for what is just a small part of the overall market.

I think the PS5 should support the current PSVR so iit can also play the newer VR games made for PS5. I don't think there will be much change to implementation, probably just better hardware.

1Victor122d ago

Don’t worry naruga you’ll change you mind once the other two giants say they’re going to have VR on their next system after Sony make it console mainstream like the eye toy.

jjb1981122d ago

I played Skyrim in VR, RE7 and several other games. Even with the lower resolution, they are truly immersive games. You are, as they say, "trippin".

latinillusion81121d ago

You must be one of the people who are salty because the kinect failed hard not once but twice.

Aenea121d ago

BS, the PS4 didn't have any specific design traits made for VR why would the PS5 be any different? They might include a chip or 2 to handle the stuff that little box with PSVR handles now *if* they can do it cheaply enough as to not impact the price of the console otherwise PSVR2 will have another extra box to connect.

And VR is massively fun, and of course that depends on the game. You just sound like a silly person who doesn't like change or never tried it or did try it, somehow didn't like it and feels everyone else in the world should agree with them. Well, you not liking it doesn't mean you're right!

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spambot0815123d ago

no, it should not support it, vr should be the main focus for ps5.

darthv72123d ago

your comment seems a tad contradictory. First you say "no, it should not support it" then you say "vr should be the main focus for ps5".... so which is it?

spambot0815122d ago

support is something secondary, main focus is primary.

NecrumOddBoy122d ago

"Well it's a little bit of both but most of all you..... got to relax!" - Mr. Meeseeks

Mr_Writer85122d ago


VR can't be the main focus due to many factors, cost of price for one, the last thing Sony want is a £700 pound console with a bit of kit people don't want.

The X1 was only what £50 more than PS4, but that £50 was for the forced kinect, and look how that worked out.

Then you look at other factors like not all gamers want of can use VR, and asking gamers to fork out £700 simply because there is a £350 headset included that they don't even want, is financial suicide.

Manufacturing costs, game development costs etc.

The PSVR should carry on as it is now, a very cool addotion that gamers can choose too invest or not.

spambot0815122d ago

solution: bundle the current vr headset with the ps5 for 50-100$ more than the basic console an sell the new and improved psvr2 headset extra.

Mr_Writer85122d ago (Edited 122d ago )


Were you under a rock when X1 launched?

You do remember that it used to come bundled with Kinect? People didn't want it.

That's after the original sold bucket loads.

The PSVR isn't a mainstream product. And trying to force it (especially with price) would back fire.

Two things sell a console.

Price and games.

Making VR compulsory will rule out the first.

And for proof look at PS4, Switch and X1X.

Which two have been selling well?

The two which have the lower price, and exclusive games.

And I'll give you a hint its not the one that ends with a X.

rainslacker122d ago

I think its too early to try and make it a primary for a console. The cost is still going to be too high because of the display tech, as well as the added materials needed to make the HMD. They'd want a powerful console to manage next gen graphics on VR, and that'd be prohibitive.

I think keeping it as a peripheral is the way to go. If they keep doing it into the next gen, and hopefully make the current PSVR compatible with PS5, as well as forward compatible with the games, then it'll show they have confidence to support it for the long haul, and maybe we'll see a bigger push into the games.

purple101123d ago

It should take on a go-between role like it is currently.

crazyCoconuts123d ago

For what it's worth I don't think Sony is going to give up it's lead after investing so much in it. VR might take off if the display is crisper, wireless, and the console has more power. My guess is that the PS5 will indeed support a new VR headset, and it will be backwards compatible with all the existing PSVR titles.

GoldeneyeOO7122d ago

Ohh, a wireless PSVR headset would be awesome, but I doubt it will happen... too much energy goes into powering it.

kneon122d ago

Not really. The technology exists and has been around for a few years. The added power needed is not that much and will only get better.

OB1Biker122d ago

They already said that wireless is the next big step in a video about how psvr came to be. I think its closer than people think

rainslacker122d ago

I think the display is crisp enough. There is some light hatching on PSVR, but you don't really notice it when the game is in motion.

I think my biggest thing with the graphics is the almost ethereal feel of everything. Like everything is floating.

Again, it's not a problem much when in motion, but if you're gawking at the immersion of it all, it stands out for me.

better display technology will help that, and hopefully by the next VR device, they'll be cheap enough to add in, and certainly a more powerful console can make it more feasible on the graphics front.

Muzikguy122d ago

I'm sure this will happen as well. Sony isn't just going to give up on VR. Plus, with a newer more powerful system it can only get better. I've not tried it myself, but I don't see it going away either.


Of course, VR will is amazing and will be even more with a better hardware like PS5