343's Frank O'Connor - If you Want a Battle Royale Mode in Halo, Just Make it Yourself

After news earlier today about Halo: Infinite not including a Battle Royale mode, 343's Frank O'Connor has issued an update. He encourages players to use the tools available to create their own version of the popular genre.

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Rangerman1208144d ago

No thank you. I like Halo for what it is. I don't want any of many favorite game series to jump in on any popular trends.

adamllewellynTLG144d ago

That's why I like this approach. The dev is offering fans the chance to follow the trends without wasting any resources.

Sciurus_vulgaris144d ago

It is kind of funny that LateNightGaming is telling people not to spread misinformation, when a few years back he straight up made up a leak and tried to spread it as 100% factual.

spicelicka144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Ladies and gentlemen, Halo 5 already has Battle Royale and hundreds of other game modes.

spartan112g144d ago

This sounds a lot like, “we don’t want to put the resources into making a Battle Royale even though the want is there by the community. Maybe you will make it?” Which is stupid to ask. It’s not like we make games for a living and have free time to do something like that.

Darkwatchman143d ago

Or their focus and vision for the franchise does not include Battle Royale and that’s why forge mode exists? To give creative individuals the space to make what they want? They’re not going to compromise their vision just to cash in on a trend. That’s far more commendable than what you’re insinuating. So entitled.

rainslacker143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Why not? The community seems fine not wanting more or different content.

Remember when they said they weren't going to have co-op in the last game? people were upset. Now, they're saying, "Hey, there's this popular new game mode. But we're not interested, so just do it yourself." Now all the Xbox fanboys are like, "Yeah cool. Thanks for that."

The Xbox fanboys, and even some of the Sony ones, seem to think that BR mode is just a fad. That it's already over implemented. Less than a year on the market. Only two competitive offerings, of which, only one being an actual complete game. Rather funny that just one year ago, PUBG was all the rage, and was going to be the big thing to make Xbox successful. Funny how quickly things change.

I know that Halo offers a lot of options for MP game play set up, but it seems that some of the principals of BR are not available for use, and BR seems best when you have maps specifically designed to work with the game play premise.

Fortnite made 1 billion dollars on a F2P game in about 6 months. Halo may not get a BR mode. But in no way is BR a dying fad, and we've only just begun to see games that will implement it.

I guess the only question I have is....what would be so bad about a BR mode in Halo? If it doesn't take away from the other modes, and people still get the other stuff they want...then whats wrong with getting more, and seeing if 343 can bring something new to the genre?

Ausbo143d ago

Most true halo fans don’t want them to waste time on a royale mode

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