343 writer says ‘Halo Infinite’ won’t have Battle Royale, and that’s dumb

On a community livestream hosted by 343 Industries, writer Jeff Easterling said that Halo Infinite Battle Royale is not going to happen. If that turns out to be the truth, it's a disappointing dismissal of a popular game mode fans want, as well as a squandered opportunity.

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PhoenixUp123d ago

You want Halo to have less of an identity and just continue chasing trends instead of making ones themselves?

Kavorklestein123d ago ShowReplies(1)
Z501122d ago

One day this site says 'What's wrong with more options'?
Another day it's 'Screw options'

So confused.

Xb1ps4122d ago

Tell me about it..

They also say Ms abandons its fans every generation and that's why they don't support the xbox.

Then an other article comes a long saying the should just drop xbox one support and start over on a next gen console..

sprinterboy122d ago

I agree what your saying but that's like saying all fps/3rd person games need to have battle royal mode.
I think were getting very spoilt and expecting all our games to have everything and forgetting its the directors vision what he wants to create

Razzer122d ago

You are pretending "this site" is an individual. That is why you are confused.

annoyedgamer122d ago

Its a site fishing for hits. Its like those Youtube videos you see in the reccomended bar with 24 million views with a bunch of vine videos compiled.

Christopher121d ago

The problem is tying the opinion of thousands to just one voice.

One day some people on this site say one thing, the next some other people say another thing.

Gh05t121d ago

Let me help you then since you seem to not understand how it works.

If 343i said "We are adding BR to Halo." And people responded with negative comments that is where "What is wrong with more options?" Comes into play.

But this is a studio saying we are not adding an option and people being upset.

I understand that the arguments sound inconsistent and in general they are on a one on one basis.

...But the consistency isn't really about what they are saying it's about what the avearge commenter wants which is letting the developer make the game they want to make. Most people will side with the developer and give whatever excuse works to side with them.

Godmars290121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Usually when "more options" are mentioned, its in defense of indirect fees.

That said, find myself asking since one of the things Halo is known for, made popular, was PvP and team deathmatches, what would the big deal be over a battle royal mode? It would just be a mode.

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PapaBop122d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. Plenty of games out there that jump on trends who have it covered, let Halo be Halo.

KyRo122d ago

BR is simply a game mode that's is relatively new to gaming after playing TDM, CTF and SnD for decades now, people want something refreshing and BR has filled that gap.

TheUndertaker85121d ago

“Digital Trends”

The name should say it all.

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Sciurus_vulgaris123d ago

Maybe 343i aren't jumping on an trend. Halo Infinite might come out until 2020, we don't know how popular battle royale will be in a few years. Also, Fortnite and PUBG seem to completely dominate the battle royale userbase.

Eonjay122d ago

Agreed. These articles are getting dumber by the day.

ULTp0ltergeist121d ago

343i has an advantage here to study the trends, especially the aftermath and potential peak of battle royale.

FlyGuyHung121d ago

MTE, by the time infinate launches we'll be saying "do u remember when people were REALLY into BattleRoyal for a couple years?" Fortnight will take a dip by years end as casuals who only play because of word of mouth start to move on the other releases. Im not saying everyone will just stop but i exoect a sharp decline by early next year, maybe even for the big holiday releases this year.

spicelicka121d ago

Also they only stated they CURRENTLY have no plans on making BR. It's not like they're rejecting the idea completely.

Paytaa121d ago

Just gauge how well/bad Battle Royale does in CoD and Battlefield. If people stick with Fortnite and PUBG when those games launch then it's safe to assume they have the genre on lock if two of the biggest AAA shooters can't compete even with a huge budget.

I personally think a stand-alone $20-$30 or even F2P Halo game dedicated to BR where you play as ODSTs and start in a drop pod could be neat, but Halo definitely doesn't NEED it.

This is an opportunity for Halo to stand out amongst it's contemporaries that are falling into the trend.

We saw a resurgence of DOOM because of how it blended old and new school appropriately while giving the current trends the finger and people absolutely love that game, myself included. Halo should just be Halo, that's how it'll do well long term.

rainslacker121d ago

So Halo is going to stand out from the crowd by not even competing in the crowd? That makes no sense. How is Halo going to stand out if it just keeps doing the same thing it always does?

Paytaa121d ago

What else is doing what Halo does on console in terms of similar gameplay and community tools/features?

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XiNatsuDragnel123d ago

Don't jump on trends, create and reinforce your identity

spartan112g122d ago

How dare they do something that a lot of their fans want!

DonkeyWalrus122d ago

But most of their fans do NOT want this... so this is fantastic news!

TheUndertaker85121d ago

If it’s something their fans want they’ve said it’s possible for those same fans to simply create the mode themselves with the tools provided

Christopher121d ago

Fans wanting something doesn't make it right for the company or game. I don't know if it's right here, but claiming it's right just because some fans want it isn't the reason it's right.

TheGamingArt121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Who says their fans want this. All because Fortnite is popular that doesn't suddenly mean everyone wants a game mode they have. That's absurdly stupid logic.

SuperJay182121d ago

Then play one of the many battle royale games out there?

I applaud Halo for not getting involved in this

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