Introducing the Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle

Can’t wait to run along walls and swing through Manhattan in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man? Us too! Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, launching alongside the game on September 7, 2018.

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Outsider-G27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I hope they sell the controller separately. I can't wait to play this. I've been watching the show floor demo everyday.

uptownsoul27d ago

This is one SEXY Pro…You all better HURRY!!!

hulk_bash198727d ago

Already have it pre-ordered on Amazon.

fathertime446426d ago

I haven't had a playstation since the ps4 first came out. May have to get this model and I'm a xbox player.

jaymacx27d ago

I like the controller but I think it would look even better with a blue bottom half.

Grown Folks Talk26d ago

I'd have the middle strip on the system blue as well, but they still look nice as is.

pcz26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The whole package looks really tacky

Ninja_Ryu26d ago

But it's going to sell like Hotcakes lmao

C-H-E-F26d ago

somebody will have it on Ebay for 999$

ThanatosDMC26d ago

IMO, it looks bad with the white spider. Make it just plain red would make it look better.

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SmielmaN27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

OMG.... Want, want, want!

Man, this is a beauty...

Reminds me of my old Maximum Carnage red cartridge I had for Genesis

StormSnooper27d ago

Yeah it’s wicked good looking

SmielmaN27d ago

says you can preorder it but I havent found it anywhere on Canadian sites.....

SmielmaN26d ago

Got one from Best Buy Canada.... im very pleased with myself

rainslacker27d ago

One of the best LE consoles I've seen in my life.

Even the controller is sexy. Simple design but very elegant.

kneon26d ago

It seems some people are jealous that it's not an xbox. The only reason I can see for anyone not liking it would be if you're an arachnophobe.

Majin-vegeta27d ago

I own a pro already but I'm fkn buying this just to keep it.

georeo27d ago

Are you going open it or just for collection?

Majin-vegeta27d ago

Collection just gonna take the game out and give it to my brother since I already have the CE for myself.

BlacKJesu526d ago

...its 400 a month in like 1 extra hr a day

Gamist2dot027d ago

Damn, even the box looks nice. But that console though. *Looks at wallet*