Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars Review - (PlayStation Universe)

Check out review for the definitive lowdown on what PlayStation Universe thought of the second single-player expansion for Far Cry 5 - Lost On Mars.

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Gwiz145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

The only gripe I have it's rehashing the tower unlocking mechanic again,this review doesn't make sense though.
What vehicles would be racing around on Mars?lol WTF?I guess you've played too much Buttugly Martians.
While this DLC has much more of a fun factor than the prior DLC and especially the main game it gets a far lesser score while the repetitiveness is too a much lesser degree due to it being shorter.

:Edit,to add this is the only reason why a Blood Dragon 2 will never happen.They don't want to sell standalone
adventures,they know people want to have these types of games but rather force them to buy a $100 package.
That's something " journalists " are not telling you.. screw your review.

I rather have this than the main game,the only reason I bought the whole package is because of content like this,the main game is getting stale AF and these reviews are not helping.