IGN: Dropcast Review

IGN writes: "Super Collapse is a pretty popular puzzle game from Mumbo Jumbo that tasks players with clearing groups of same-colored blocks while surrounding shapes fill in the gaps and create combos. Dropcast attempts to innovate on this design by turning it into a head-to-head game with spell attacks. It's a great idea, but unfortunately it throws skill out the window and bases the action almost entirely on luck. The result is a frustrating affair that finds battles dragging on much longer than they should.

Dropcast does have the right idea with its art style and presentation. It has given Super Collapse context in the form of a spooky little girl who brings her stuffed animals to life to do battle on the puzzle field. She teaches them spells they use to attack one another and cause their brick piles to reach the top of the screen. Dropcast was developed by Mikoishi Studios in Singapore, though, and something has been lost in the translation."

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