Big Xbox One Game Sale Starts Soon [Update]

The Ultimate Game Sale with presumably discounts on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC games begins very soon.

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LuvBurger120d ago

A telltale sign that you are getting old.

When you buy The Witcher 3 expansion pass for $12.50 on the Xbox Store, and then realize that you have the game for the PS4.

Oh my.

VoiceMale120d ago

have u tried getting a refund ? maybe its worth a try...was an honest mistake....

littletad119d ago

I've had a far better experience with xbox customer service this year than I've had with any other system or console maker in a long time. They fixed any issues I might have had (some were my fault), fixed my elite controller that I had for 2 years as a one time courtesy, gave me a refund on a game I purchased cause I was trying to exploit a sales glitch. I was honest on the third one, and the csr laughed. Said he'd try to take advantage of the same thing. I was refunded, which is rare, as only valve seems to offer refunds. On Sony's side, the only reason I had to contact them was because I noticed I was never gettingany emails regarding their coupon sales and promotions. I told them I had over 50 ps4 games and was a long customer. They flat out told me they couldn't help me, and then proceeded to tell me to have a nice day. Of course, I only ever used the chat feature since I'm deaf, so I can't say how my experience would have been over the phone. But my advice is, just be honest. you made a mistake, and maybe you'll get a refund.