Sign Up Now for the PlayStation 4 6.0 Firmware Beta Test

"The next system update is on the way to Sony’s PlayStation 4 soon and you can now sign up to take part in the 6.0 Firmware Beta Test."

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PhoenixUp122d ago

I have faith this whole number update will be useful

Crazyglues122d ago

Firmware and Beta test are two words that don't sound good when put together... I love my PS4 too much to ever be part of that...

I mean what if your system freezes up and crashes or it goes black and does not come back on, oh well you signed up for the beta...

KwietStorm122d ago

I been in every beta. Never happened to me. Even if it did, safe mode, downgrade done. I used many software betas across many devices. The most there usually is to worry about is some broken functionality, not an entire bricked device.

Miss_Vixen122d ago

I've used and been on every PS4 beta. Never had any issues whatsoever.

Bleucrunch122d ago

I completely agree, as an IT professional myself, I would always have a test device to do all that stuff with. I suspect most folks wont purchase another PS4 for that purpose but in my opinion that is the right way to go about it.

Sony is irresponsible if they are not going to replace your system after agreeing to the beta/firmware if your system bricks because of it.

Otherwise it is a huge risk and gamble....

joab777122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I’m sure the issues would ruin the hardware. I just I’ve never signed up.

Sayai jin122d ago

I wish they had and PSN insider I could join. Something similar to Xbox insider, where one could join and get system updates early and leave feedback to improve, change, etc the update before it becomes standard. Sony is making sure it launches a good update...that's a good thing.

rainslacker121d ago

Systems now can be reset to their default, even if a firmware bricks them. They have a failsafe that keeps the original firmware stored in the system ROM so it can always be retrieved, and the safe mode isn't dependent on the firmware itself.

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ziggurcat122d ago

Whole number updates should be useful, and should include new features. 5.00 was not, and brought very little, if anything, as far as features go.

Ju122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

It introduced external hdd support amongst other things. I'd call this major.

Aenea122d ago


Wasn't that 4.5?
Yup it was, I googled...

ziggurcat122d ago


5.00 just added a bunch of parental control features, basically.

TheArkatek121d ago

HELL NO im not touchin this. Especially bcuz all its mainly doing is fixing the CFW EXPLOIT which i have. So um NO SONY

Majin-vegeta122d ago

I just want the ability to update/download games and have it turn off on own.

-T9X-69-122d ago

It does that already in rest mode.

Majin-vegeta122d ago

You can only update it won't shut off on own.Like on the ps3 when you download a game and it would shut off afterwards.

Teflon02122d ago

But you don't need to do that if you have it in sleep mode. Why turn it all the way off? You're likely to use more power booting the PS4 from off than what it uses in sleep outside of downloads.
In sleep it does the exact same thing. It just doesn't turn on the system. Also yes you can download games etc. You just have to make sure in the settings that you have it turned on. I always make my system download games when I'm at work and it stays off and is fully installed when I get home.

Nitrowolf2122d ago

I’d like this as well, biggest reason is my area tends to lose power from time to time, so my ps4 in rest mode messes up and always has me repair my external hdd upon boot. I kek the console on for updates when I leave

Ju122d ago

What you think that sleep mode is for? Ps3 didn't do it because it couldn't download in sleep mode. Ps4 can.

ziggurcat121d ago


Wrong. PS+ introduced the ability to download updates while the PS3 was "shut down."

Ju121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Still, the PS3 simply cannot download in the background. Hence "wakeup, install, shutdown". While on PS4 you queue downloads and go to sleep. For the PS3 to check for updates, it actually needs to boot once a day, download and shut down. It does that with some configurable window per day. Which still makes it beep if it needs to wake up at 2 am...there is no benefit on what the PS3 does over the PS4.

blackblades121d ago

The problem with rest mode is that if the power goes out, then you have to deal with the data correction process which is annoying to do. Experience that a lot lately, cause the ps4 is technically still on.

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Shineon122d ago

Ps3 was more advanced in features than ps4 and x1

Ju121d ago

BS. I still have my PS3. There is really nothing where it beats the PS4.

Mr_Writer85121d ago


How does it have more advanced features? It may have additional media capability, like play music CD's but other than that?

Now let's talk about what PS4 CAN do and the PS3 CAN'T.

- Multiple downloads
- Run a game and a an app
- Party Chat
- Remote play any game on several devices
- Rest mode that saves a game exactly where you leave it.
- Play a game that's still downloading
- Play music during gaming.
- VR Support
- HDR support
- Record and live stream gameplay

The PS3 was good for its time, and I still have my launch 60gb with full BC, but it's a pain to use compared to the PS4.

In fact it's a god send for a gamer like me who can't always spend as much time as I'd like gaming.

Shineon121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

@Ju The Ps3 beats the Ps4 at playing Ps1 disc,Ps2 disc,Ps3Disc,DLNA,2 Channel splitting audio between two outlets,3D blu ray,Online gaming without pay wall,streaming your laptop phone or what ever device,download music fron your mp3,cell phone or whatever device do I need to go on because I havent even gotten to the custom dynamic backgrounds you can create and upload to your ps3 so yeah ps3 was a next gen system coming from ps2,ps4 and x1 well im just gonna keep silent becuz everybody aint gon get it anyway

OpenGL122d ago

That's what rest mode is for.

porkChop122d ago

He's talking about having the system fully shut down. Rest mode is still on, it's just a lower power mode.

Ju121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

But the PS3 doesn't have a low power mode at all. It has a wake up timer. Nothing runs on the PS3 when of (other than wake on land and a timer). That also means no push to the PS3 while this works on the PS4

Aceman18122d ago

That's what rest mode is for. My system downloads and update all while in rest mode. The PS3 was the exact same way

BioShockGX122d ago

Ps3 turns off completely when downloads finishes.

Aceman18122d ago

I left mine in standby mode

Crazyglues122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

it does that already, just set it to turn off when on menu screen for more then 10 to 20 mins which is what I have mine on and anytime I walk away and forgot I had it on it turns off by it's self...

@ Majin-vegeta - But what I think you want is rest mode, it can download a game and then turn off after it's done --

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akaFullMetal122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

On my phone the playstation North america link doesn't work.

Mr_cheese122d ago

Anybody have any idea what is on it or did you make it into the beta as it was closed when I tried to sign up for Europe?

kenpachi122d ago

Eu hasn't opened sign up yet

lociefer122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Mega stability incoming !

FITgamer122d ago

.0 updates are usually bigger and with features. Not just stability updates.

MoonConquistador122d ago

He might have been saying it tongue in cheek, no?

Eidolon122d ago

Yes, it features bigger stability.

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