Bryan Dechart (Connor) & Amelia Rose Blaire (Traci) to meet Detroit: Become Human fans at Comic-Con

Bryan Dechart (who plays Connor) has announced on his official Twitter that he and Amelia Rose Blaire (who plays blue-haired Traci) will be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con to answer questions and sign autographs for fans of Detroit: Become Human.

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gamer780461d ago

Cool they both did a fantastic job acting in Detroit.

TricksterArrow61d ago

Say what you want about Detroit, but I'd say 90% of the cast did an amazing job.

Pozzle61d ago

Is the other 10% for the president's voice actress? lol

ameliabaz61d ago

What an attractive couple.

Jinger61d ago

She has dead eyes... I think she is an actual android