Xbox's Mystery Hardware Reveal Might Not be What Gamers Expect

Microsoft just dropped a bit of news that got gamers, a bit curious. At Gamescom, Microsoft will reveal a new piece of Xbox hardware and accessories. Which have got gamers wondering, could this be the start of Microsoft's push into the next generation? Bad Bit Games host Joseph, explains why gamers should keep their expectations low for a new console. But, it doesn't mean what they are revealing isn't any less exciting.

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PhoenixUp29d ago

Some people are psyching themselves high only to get disappointed

psuedo29d ago

M$ is just stirring the pot to get everybody psyched to push their want for a new console announcement.

Oliver_Twist29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The only ones reporting that it's a new console is the media. Anyone with a bit of sense knows to take the news for what it is. A grain of salt. Still, I expect a few surprises at Gamescom.

81BX29d ago

I agree. We know a new elite controller was coming but it wasnt announced at e3.

rainslacker28d ago

True. I haven't seen single comment, from any side, fanboy or not, that seems to expect ms to.announce or reveal a new console in the next week or so

ImGumbyDammit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It doesn't have any Xbox gamer thinking this has anything to do with the next console. No Xbox fan thinks anything of the sort. Everyone knows this will most likely be the Elite Controller 2 that was "revealed" a while back by an insider. Plus, with all that talk last month about full keyboard and mouse integration in the gaming APIs they are working on with manufacturers and developers (most notably Razer) there might be some hardware of this nature. So maybe the possibility of an announcement an official gaming keyboard and mice. Or maybe even announcing add-ons to the new Adaptive controller. I would also say officially announcing a permanent X price drop of $50 to $100 that was rumored to happen around E3, but didn't. But, that drop won't happen for another few months. No need to have that type of announcment during the slow gaming summer months, maybe in October as holiday starts in earnest - the X-mas sales begin :0

"have got gamers wondering, could this be the start of Microsoft's push into the next generation"
I don't know what this author and these "gamers" he is basing this on have been smoking but, not one single person I am familiar with thinks this has anything to do with a future Xbox console.

Prettygoodgamer29d ago

You should check the other article then if you think no one thinks it's a new console....

Razzer28d ago

lol....obviously he is not "familiar" with any of those people.

Linktothepast29d ago

Also literally the guy that posted right below you, lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.