Microsoft Announces Xbox Presence, 25 Games For Gamescom 2018

This year’s Gamescom will take place on August 21st to August 25th in Cologne, Germany and will see a number of publishers taking part.
The Xbox Fanfest and a “special episode” of Inside Xbox where it will showcase “lots of news, new Xbox One bundles and accessories, features on upcoming titles, and surprises."

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AizenSosuke27d ago

I'm excited to see it all unfold.

mark_parch26d ago

I just hope it's better than last year which was an absolute disaster imo

LordJamar25d ago

How was last Gamescom a diaster??

mark_parch25d ago

@Razmiran @LordJamer
All Microsoft did at last years gamescom was show the exact same trailers they showed at e3. the only new announcement they made was Jurassic park evolution. and the show was just a cringe fest. I thought this years E3 was really good so hopefully they can keep that momentum going

Aceman1826d ago

Well I just purchased the one S off Amazon prime since it was cheap let's see if old MS can actually surprise me with something I haven't seen lol.

RosweeSon26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Doubtful but enjoy new console is always great

candystop26d ago

I may be a Rare one but I found Halo Infinity or Whatever it's called to be my highlight of the show over everything on PlayStation and Xbox.

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fewDankMemes26d ago

I just want a release date for Ashen

aawells0726d ago

Apparently people disagree that you're excited to see it unfold. That's weird.

joshljr26d ago

Isn't it obvious, he's not excited to see it unfold because he knows what's going to happen. He's clearly a Microsoft plant, only they have any interest in anything xbox related. (in case it wasn't obvious) /s

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TheUndertaker8527d ago

Nice. 25 titles for one show. That’s quite a bit of content for Microsoft and the Microsoft ecosystem.

AmUnRa26d ago ShowReplies(5)
Oliver_Twist27d ago

Features surprises? That sounds good. I'm intrigued. Seems they'll have a major presence at Gamescom

Sciurus_vulgaris27d ago

I hope the surprise is another 1st party game announcement. I would also like more of Halo Infinite's tech to be shown.

Yetter26d ago

My guess would be Playgrounds Fable. Seems like Europe is the right place to announce this

Sciurus_vulgaris26d ago

I think the Battletoads reboot may get a gameplay reveal.

Obscure_Observer26d ago


"My guess would be Playgrounds Fable. Seems like Europe is the right place to announce this"

Or the new IP confirmed by RARE since they´re an UK based studio as well. ;)

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