MotorStorm Pacific Rift: One Week Until the Invasion

PSBlogs Ed Loonam writes:

"Hi MotorStorm fans! One week to go until the launch of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Hopefully you've been getting some good information on the game from Nigel and the team from Evolution Studios in their weekly MotorStorm Monday posts.

If you haven't seen it yet, please keep your eyes out for the recently completed commercial of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. In an effort to introduce the new, remote island location, there were a few real-life Stormers who strapped into their atvs, bikes, buggys and trucks and jumped from a C-130 Hercules at 10,000 feet in an effort to start the evasion of Pacific Rift. No special effects on this jump … just pure adrenaline and gritty attitude. Check out the commercial along with some photos from the shoot."

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elshimiablo3705d ago

like MS1. This game has so many fans . It doesnt need reviews to sell
MS2 is averaging at 80% on N4g meta

St03705d ago

Another game that's out in the USA first even though it's made in Europe, WHY FFS!!!

El_Colombiano3705d ago

God I can not wait to get this f*cking AMAZING GAME!!! Ahhhh, I have no money damn it!