GameDaily Shows Their Ignorance

From GamesGazette:

"It does seem that when someone shows ignorance, they show it quite often. We usually don't have any problem with one's opinion as long as that opinion is based on facts about what they are forming such an opinion on. When they don't do that, they end up looking like damn fools. Either that or laying for a team that depends on them to bend the rules to the other team look vacillating and impotent, and the one they are playing for seem like the only option. GameDaily has been accused of either-slash-both in recent months (not to mention the already numerous criticisms about the AOL-maintained site), with the Metal Gear Solid 4 debacle in which Chris Buffa first wrote a review that was full of errors about the game, and then when called on it, complained that it was the score he gave MGS4 that they was mad about, not what he tried to pass off as facts that he based his opinion on. While it's not Chris Buffa, it's the site, as once again, GameDaily gives an erroneous review of Socom: Confrontation. No, the game is not perfect, but neither is the review they gave, and we have a contributor to GG that can prove it."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3708d ago

Duh!M$ payments arrived on schedule to Gamedaily

elshimiablo3708d ago

and MS dicriders. They gave folklore a 4/10.

By the way Fable 2 is not an AAA anymore

ShinMaster3708d ago

They score PS3 games on false facts.

PoSTedUP3708d ago

reviews have nothing to do with AAA ok....

elshimiablo3708d ago

they gave FLOP GAIDEN 2 a better score than MGS4


By the way FABLE 2 is no longer an AAA. 89% at n4g meta
metacritic hasnt updated their reviews (4 so far and hasnt added the 8's it got till now from IGn and other sites)

Fable 2=89% and will get lower

whats next ? Gears 2

sonarus3708d ago

haha you are fukin relentless

GiantEnemyCrab3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Keep on those lies kid. Fable 2 is 90 on n4g meta(which means nothing!) despite all the lowest foreign langauge reviews you could find and submit.

Metacritic has 4 scores and its currently at %93 and they haven't posted eurogamers 9's and a few other 9's.

Whats next for you to lie and spread FUD about? I guess it's Gears 2 which will plow over your bullsh*t just like Fable 2 is doing.

sonarus3708d ago

Yes i was quoted on this article you all have me to thank:D

zo6_lover273708d ago

Yes, we all noticed that :D

MUGEN3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

The game does freeze up your ps3(it did to me today when I shut my ps3 off) when you try to quit the game or shut off the console(3 beep freeze/restart).

The weapon swap is default to your hand gun, you have to select the grenade from the menu then switch back to your primary weapon every time you spawn or start a round.

To me the game is only worth a 5-6/10 if you bought it for $40, for $60 you get a great mic and a $10 test demo so the reviews for this version should be higher.

Bonsai12143708d ago

from forum to news in 4.3 seconds.. :D props sonarus

DRUDOG3708d ago

Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back so hard... :P

Omegasyde3708d ago

Sonarus, when are you joining my clan :)

and Socom deserves a 7. Slant 6 really did horrible on this game, and it shows:

-Game does freeze
-Frame Rate problems
-Some ranked Servers Kick people out
-No Follow player option, No group mode, No community Features
-Bomb glitches where there is a long delayed kaboom.
-Game shipped with 7 maps.....
-Night vision turns off while running or sometimes in a firefight.
-LACK of Weapons in comparison to every Socom Game.
-No ghilie suit, yes 3 maps would work with it.
-Not enough ranked servers.
-No unlocking weapons, attachments, and clan options are horrible.

Personally I think Socom is worth $60 with headset, yet it not worth 40$ as a stand alone game by itself. I would rate the headset a 9/10. :)

Ju3708d ago

@1.2 What you describe is, however, something completely different then what I would imagine when reading "the PS3 freezes up" in the context of "playing" the game. So, you are saying, it the game itself runs fine, just if you exit out into the XMB, it actually reset, right ? While this might still be annoying, and IMO something which needs to get fixed (points to a broken garbage collector), this does definitively not have an impact on game play, or does it? (and even the reset usually just brings you back to your XMB where you left off, so what). "Game freezes" is misleading, if what you say is true.

Millah3708d ago

Haha I saw that Sonarus, pretty funny, good job on calling out Gamedaily like that.

Why do people even go to that site anymore? They always use controversy to gather attention and get hits. The stupid top ten lists that they do are ALWAYS ridiculously horrible.

juuken3707d ago

*salutes sonarus*

Well done good sir, well done.

thxkbye3707d ago

DarkPower. You are a f'n moron.

Kill yourself please.

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NegativeCreepWA3708d ago

That guy shouldn't be reviewing games he couldn't even figure out how to leave the game. I give him credit for at least reviewing it every other website is afraid to review it.

Has anyone else found it strange no major websites have reviewed Socom? I think there scarred of the fanboys from sites like this.

sonarus3708d ago

The game honestly does deserve some harsh reviews but unfortunately reviews like 5/10 aren't really representative of the gameplay. The game is very fun and this being my first socom i am surprised i enjoy it so much. It is however quite clear that this game simply was not ready for release

Chubear3708d ago

So I'm assuming you didn't play Warhawk when it launched cause it had almost the same issues too for the first month with gamers not being able to log in to games and some freezes.

I'm sure no one remembers that now seeing as there are no such issues with the game now and it's using the same exact servers SOCOM:Con is using.

Omegasyde3708d ago

Are you serios?

Warhawk had server issues in the begining, but it had all the options/game points that was advertized on the the back of the box.

Socom box shows that it supports home, trophies, and community options.

Also you could follow or join a friends game within Warhawk by going to community/friends list and you get the option. Slant 6 couldn't even add that. If there was no in game XMB (texting), Socom would be a massive fail.

Lolliflop Lolliflop 3708d ago

It appears the Xturd that reviewed Socom failed to wipe the Microsoft jizz from his eyes

Man_of_the_year3707d ago

Sorry i didn't quite understand your comment - maybe its because Sony's D1ck is so far crammed down your throat.

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