Remembering The Lost Art Of Video Game Manuals

The classic video game manual is something we don't see very much of anymore. While it's a dying art, Mammoth Gamers looks fondly back at what made these booklets special.

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darthv72125d ago

I like how some of the smaller indie games still provide a nice manual and then the flip side is the bigger AAA studios only give you a single page insert (if that).

showtimefolks125d ago

All my ps3 games have game manuals even now when I am buying a used game I check to see if it came with game manual and buy that

CD project red usually have a pretty hefty game manual

mrmikew2018125d ago

I really do miss the manuals.......I remember when my parents bought me Chrono Trigger for SNES, the manual literally had a mini comic inside it.

Nowadays it's a pre-order incentive.

Fist4achin125d ago

Still appreciate game manuals. Loved the art and extra that they put into them. One day gamers will miss this along with the box cover art as everything heads towards the digital future.

NecrumOddBoy125d ago

I think the concept of game manuals moving to more of a PDF form is fine. As a kid I used to read them religiously from front to back like 10 times before I would even play the game. But back in the day a lot of manuals would come with a story about the game. The first Legend of Zelda had its tale told by the passages you read in the manual and not from any cutscene or dialogue in the game.

I think when the manual kind of reflects the game is best. I think it was Bioshock that had a unique manual for its game. I would have really liked it if there was a travel guy that came along with Mario Odyssey for example. I think that would have been pretty sweet.

Games coming with maps is something that I think should always be in there though. I love the original maps from The Legend of Zelda games and the maps from Grand Theft Auto. I still have my Skyrim map framed.

Fist4achin124d ago

Very much agreed about the maps and i thought i was the only one who used to read through the manuals!

Tross125d ago

I miss these. I mean, I normally learned to play the game by...playing the game, which is probably why these manuals have been phased out in recent years, but they were like mini-artbooks which I kind of liked. I'd often read any backstory and character bios included, skip the controls parts, and just enjoy some of the nice pictures.

Kados125d ago

I think all games should not only include basic manuals, they should also include cereal box style coupons. Collect 10 of them and trade for a full Prima guide of your choice.

Tross125d ago

Sadly, I think we're in the wrong decade for that...and we're soon to be in one that's going to distance itself even further from that idea.

Gaming4Life1981125d ago

I miss video game manuals and I dont have a really good reason other than looking at them while playing the game. I also miss video game magazineslike gamefan and gamepro, they always has picture for picture for combos for tekken, killer instinct, sf, plasma sword, bloody roar, etc. plus that black and red fulgore cover for killer instinct on the n64 was the best even though killer instinct 1 never got released on n64, damn Nintendo.