Just Cause 4 Making Of” series Set of Videos Released

Following the announcement of Just Cause 4 at E3 this year, we’ve seen a lot of excitement generated around the game. In order to provide more information on what to expect from the game, the developers have released the first five videos in their “Just Cause 4 Making Of” series*.

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Silverfang2340124d ago

This is exciting news about the new engine and definitely something to look forward to. Always loved the just cause series and this may be the biggest one.

BadElf124d ago

Hope the world is massive with more things to do in it.

theXtReMe1122d ago

This is nuts, they are taking physics and simulation to the next level. Im just wondering what the issue was with the Avalanche engine... Was it just that they were expecting better CPUs in current gen systems and got surprised by the choices Sony and Microsoft made... or was it just not designed well to scale across so many platforms?

Regardless, Im floored by the new engine. I cant imagine how good it is going to look on the X, with HDR.