MacWorld: Matias Folding Keyboard Review

MacWorld: "As its name implies, the Folding Keyboard's claim to fame is that it folds up for travel. At 10.1 by 5 by 1.4 inches in size when closed, the keyboard is chunky compared to Apple's Wireless Keyboard-not as wide or high, though quite a bit thicker-but is still easily packable. (Like Apple's model, the Folding Keyboard weighs less than a pound.) When opened up-you slide a small switch to release a lock holding the keyboard closed-the Folding Keyboard is only 0.7 inches thick but nearly 18 inches wide. This width, similar to that of some desktop keyboards, allows the Folding Keyboard to provide something Apple's portable keyboard doesn't: a numeric keypad. If you're a road-warrior accountant, this is a welcome feature."

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