GameZone: Pipe Mania PSP Review

GameZone writes: "If you are looking for a challenging, highly playable, adaptation of an old-school puzzle classic, then Pipe Mania is for you. Pipe Mania is a great fit for the PSP in the way that the game is highly portable, not story intensive and easy to pick up when you need a quick fix. The gameplay is easy, but the game is not. With quickly increasing difficulty and classic puzzle appeal, this game is a good pick up for puzzle/strategy fans.

The gameplay is what you might expect, you lay out pipes to guide the liquid "flooze" from the Start Pipe to the End Pipe under a time limit. You are given pipe pieces in a random order and need to fit them together as fast as you can to get the most points and avoid leaking too much flooze out and filling the leak meter and failing the level. There are various piece types (bends, straights, bridges, reservoirs, pumps, splitters, etc.) that give you opportunity to lay down bigger chains of pipes and earn the most points for that stage."

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