Normal Goku and Vegeta announced as new Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC fighters, Switch beta in August

From Nintendo Everything: "Two DLC characters have been announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Goku and Vegeta, both in their regular forms, will be added to the game. Normal Goku makes use of Kaioken and Super Spirit Bomb. Meanwhile, normal Vegeta, has Galick Gun and Galaxy Breaker. We also have a specific update on the Switch version of Dragon Ball FighterZ."

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BlackOni125d ago

Why they're prioritizing these two characters over making improvements to the game, progression, online matchmaking and lobby system, or even other characters is beyond me. Mechanically, and stylistically, this game is superb. They could make this game really awesome.

PhoenixUp125d ago

Great another Goku & Vegeta variant. This is like the equivalent of adding Evil Ryu & Violent Ken.

There are plenty of other characters in Dragon Ball that deserve a spot on this list.

PapaBop125d ago

Apparently normal Goku and Vegeta are huge in Japan so adding them is considered fanservice to the Japanese kind of like how Broly was added who is a very popular character in the West.

Shadonic125d ago

im surprised this got disliked

thatguyhayat125d ago

Come onnnn give us jiren man.

noxeven125d ago

Guess that means that leak from before is 100% correct. I really wish we had gotten kelfa but oh well.

Majin-vegeta125d ago

Shell be added to Xenoverse 2...

PurpHerbison125d ago

Character selection for DLC has been rather weak.

SegaGamer125d ago

The price of that season pass is looking like a bigger rip off with every reveal.

PurpHerbison125d ago

For some, yes. But most are DBZ fanatics that will eat it up every single day of the week.

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The story is too old to be commented.